Open Creative Lab – Innovationshauptplatz

Florian Koppler (AT), Kathrin Obernhumer (AT), Ana Zuljevic (AT); Innovationshauptplatz / Michaela Feichtl (AT), Oliver Schrot (AT); Klimastabsstelle der Stadt Linz

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Since 2019, the Innovation Main Square of the City of Linz is an interface and networking partner for citizens, project ideas, start-ups, business and all areas of urban life – from education, the environment and social affairs to culture. The team advises, mediates and accompanies creative individuals, groups and initiatives.
As part of this year’s create your world festival, the Innovation Main Square offers the opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions for shaping the future of the city. The team of the Innovation Main Square and the Climate Office Linz is looking forward to ideas, feedback and open discussions on topics such as digitalization, sustainability, climate protection and the future of the city in order to actively take them up. Project ideas can be submitted or votes cast for existing projects at any time on the e-participation platform In addition, the employees of the Climate Office will provide insights into the photo project “Traces of Climate Change in Linz: Once/Today” and convey the basics for a climate-friendly lifestyle in the CO2 estimation game.