Polygonal Forest


Claudia Müller (CL), Elisa Balmaceda (CL), Etienne de France (FR), Gregorio Fontén (CL), Marcos Sánchez (CL)

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The virtual journey this audiovisual exhibition sets us on – flowing down from the sky, onto the middle-layer forest, exploring the insides of trees, down to their roots and into the bodies of water, to finalize in an exploration of new forms of future natural elements – is a combination of visions. Through the lens of five artists –Claudia Müller (CL), Elisa Balmaceda (CL), Etienne de France (FR), Gregorio Fontén (CL), and Marcos Sánchez (CL) – visitors will be taken down a path of contemplation through various sensory filters to touch upon the different layers that compose these complex, sacred, natural spaces. This exhibition will be available throughout the entire festival, granting visitors the opportunity to experience it at their own pace, as we often do in a forest: walk, observe, reflect.

Claudia Müller (1983, Chile): has a Master of Arts from Universidad de Chile, and is currently teaching New Media classes at Universidad Católica and Cinematography at Finis Terrae University. Her work stems from the daily observation of how natural forces occur in materialities such as water or air, cyclical movements, and their association with industrial objects, which she then records through photography, video and installation. Her most recent project was PRISMA, presented in the 2020 Ars Electronica Festival.

Elisa Balmaceda (1985, Chile): has a Master of Arts in Media Arts from the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, and works at the intersection of nature, technology, materiality, the human body and the occult; exploring how technology and science shape our notions of the real, the unknown, and the imaginary. Her latest work explores the post-natural landscapes of the present,where human infrastructure and non-human entities coexist. Additionally, she explores the cosmic influence of the sun on an energy-consuming society and its impacts on our notions of time/space.

Etienne de France (1984, France): explores the relationships between notions of nature and landscape through the fields of science and architecture in a variety of media such as video, writing, photography, sculpture and drawing. By questioning the landscape as a place for imagery and emancipation, he elaborates fictional and narrative maps. Each of his projects is the result of a long-term development.

Gregorio Fontén (1983, Chile): is a research sound artist whose work seeks to explore the sound experience as a vacillation between dance and listening. He holds a doctorate in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths University of London and is currently conducting a postdoctoral project at the Art Institute of Universidad Católica of Valparaíso that frames the artistic practice of “vacillating” as a Latin American sonic onto-fiction.

Marcos Sánchez (1980, Chile): is a visual artist, animator and filmmaker working in drawing, animation, painting and derivations of these disciplines. In 2019, he directed a video clip for The Breeders. His audiovisual work has competed in festivals such as the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, the Ottawa Animation Festival and Leeds Film Festival, among many others. His work has been distinguished with a Bronze Cube at the ADC Awards 2021, NYC and with an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival, 2021.


Curator: Maya Errázuriz
Coordinator: Juan Pablo Vergara


Umbra by Elisa Balmaceda, 2021
Credits: Elisa Balmaceda (direction), Fundación Mar Adentro (collaborator),
Acknowledgements: Maya Errázuriz, Madeline Hurtado, Nicolás Aracena, Carlos Mendoza, Juan Ñanculef, Conservación Cerro Guido, Nicolás Lagos, Pamela Canoles, Emilia Martin, Rodrigo R. Zunino, Pablo Stejanovic

Against the Drought of Signs by Etienne de France, 2019
Credits/Acknowledgements: Fundación Mar Adentro, Etienne de France (cinematography) Pedro Olivari (co-cinematographer), Amaury Arboun (sound director), Rémi Nonne (color correction), Leonel Lienlaf (voice), German Mellado (video adaptation for Polygonal Forest)

Dendrofonía by Gregorio Fontén, 2020
Credits/Acknowledgements: Fundación Mar Adentro, Danor Quinteros (piano player); Carlos Mendoza (scientific analysis); GEOCOM (araucaria image processing)

Frontera líquida by Claudia Müller, 2021
Credits/Acknowledgements: Claudia Müller (camera and film direction), Sebastián Rodríguez (3D animation), Tiziana Panizza (text and voice), Andrés Polonsky (sound design), Sofía Nercasseau (video editing), Fundación Mar Adentro

Reflejo by Marcos Sánchez, 2021
Credits/Acknowledgements: Fundación Mar Adentro, Marcos Sánchez (direction and animation), John Dieterich (music), Gonzalo Perez (sound design), Victor leyton (film footage); Prelinger Archive and 35MM stock footage collection (film archives)