Department of Art Education

LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibition, Kunstuniversität Linz

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Linz, Kunstuniversität


While modern technology cannot replace the analog world’s haptic experience, it can complement it perfectly. Play with Pixels is an interactive open lab about the smallest part of a digital raster graphic. We zoom into the pixel world to enlarge, illuminate, recombine and make the world of digital images more tangible.

At the same time, we playfully explore the translation possibilities between the analog and digital, embarking on a search for a world of images where pixels and graphic gestures meet. In this way, visitors are invited to engage with the diverse dimensions of a pixel with the help of various materials. Visitors are invited to create their own pixel postcards on site and to send pixelated greetings from downtown to the Open Lab at Kepler’s Garden. Via the pixel phone, short daily glimpses of what is being created in the open lab are offered, enabling parallel analog and digital communication and combining the advantages of both worlds.


Team: Anna Oelsch (DE), Gerda Lechner (AT) and Maria Binder (AT), students of Visual Education and Media Design as part of course “BE goes AEC”, by Gerda Martínez López (DE) and Lisa Wieder (AT)