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Kunstuniversität Linz

Post-it to Post It: 2020 – 2030

Xian Zheng (CN)

In April 2020, when Austria first began its lockdown due to the pandemic and the university immediately switched to distance learning, Xian Zheng created the Post-it to Post It workshop. Every Friday in April, students submit five post-it-sized diary drawings, which are uploaded to an online gallery on Pinterest. The mini-sized drawing paper recycles daily waste paper and distracts from the trouble of not being able to go shopping.

The process of drawing forms a dialogue and meditation with oneself, and establishes communication with others via the online window. Changes can be seen in the weekly drawings, which capture the course of the pandemic and people’s lives. The workshop was held again in April 2021, resulting in more than 1,000 diary drawings by more than 70 students over the past two years, forming a precious documentation of the changes in people’s lives during Covid-19. The Post-it to Post It workshop will continue to be held every Friday in April until 2030. Beginning with the trivial things in daily life, we are looking forward to building an 11-year drawing archive to observe the specific changes of life in the pandemic and post-pandemic eras.