Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation is an interactive online experience that explores three concrete challenges tackled by artists who have participated in S+T+ARTS across three thematic areas: Tangible Data, Sustainable Futures and Navigating the Digital Realm.

Bio Ink Experience
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

In nature, we co-exist and interact with many organisms. Working with them helps us better understand other beings and ourselves. Our Bio Ink research goes beyond digital and human-centric technologies by exploring the concept of living ink that grows freely, in a creative symbiosis with nature and other organisms. In the research, biological inks comprised of various microorganisms are created in the bio lab.

Ground of Care and Control - Part 1
Aleksandr Kapitonov (RU), Maria Sviridova (RU), Andrey Lazukin (RU), Grigorii Kirgizov (RU)

Technology mediates our relations to the biosphere, codifies and shapes them. They can constitute a means of both care and control. Today, they codify primarily the second element: exhaustive control and accelerating exploitation. In this conference we'll try to look at the first element—care—and hear from scientists and engineers who try to make technologies more careful towards nature and point us to technosymbiotic possibilities.

Remix, Food Waste Biomaterial Makers
FabLab (ES)

The Starts Prize-nominated project for innovative collaboration is inviting you to a four hour-long biomaterials workshop at Fab Lab Barcelona. An emerging development in the field of industrial design, fashion and art is the creation of biobased materials, biofabricated in laboratories from microorganisms, bacteria and biopolymers.

Limits of the material, Sustainable and/or high-tech
Lea Schmidt (CH), Jessica Bulling (DE), Bettina Weber (DE), Dr. Marc Mosch (DE)

During this event, we will give an insight into the current state of the various research fields, showing how material can also be digitalized and brought into a library. We are also going to work and talk directly with all visitors. An essential aspect is the question of the acceptance of alternative materials in everyday life as well as in professional contexts.

Action Tour
MINIWIZ CO., LTD.(TW), Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TW), Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Co., LTD (TW), Roboenter Co., LTD (TW)

To cope with the impact of Covid-19, a scientific and efficient action in the digital world must be taken. The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center has developed a digital system that can quickly respond to the risk landscape, people flow, and medial resources across different parts of Taipei by integrating live streaming and data instantly. It also informs the policies of the government.

Sarah King (GB)

In this video we will be interviewing Sarah King about the importance of Biomaterials, materials development and sustainability in 2020. Find out how STEAMhouse are getting involved through the Bioboxes project! If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further, reach us on our platforms!

Research-creation 02: MACHINE RELATIONS + REC Discussion
Joe Zeph Thibodeau (CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Alexandre Saunier (FR/CA), Ceyda Yolgormez (TR/CA), Evan Hile (CA), David Jhave Johnston (CA), Sofian Audry (CA), Ionat Zurr (AU), Cynthia Noury (CA), Paloma Leyton (AR/CA), Gaelle Scali (FR/CA)

Chronogenica, Poetics of Otherness, Harvesting Signs in Post-Semiocapitalism, REⓒ Discussion

Material Workshops
Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR), Vanessa Mardirossian (CA), Matthew Halpenny (CA)

Sensitive membranes, Textile Dyes Workshop, Workshop on Open-Source Microbial Fuel Cells

Research-creation 01: CONNECTING MILIEUX + Hexagram Showcase
Gisèle Trudel (CA), Maya Lamothe-Katrapani (CA), Alessia Zarzani (IT), Orit Halpern (CA), Jean-Denis Milette (CA), Gabriel Payant (CA), Marius Senneville (CA), Alessandra Ponte (CA), Kim Laneuville (CA), Adriana Menghi (CA), Delphine Ducharme (CA), Meryem Sekhri (CA), Alexandre Asselin (CA), Anna Paola Bossi (IT/CA), Baptiste Kauffmann (FR/CA), Millie-Ann Grenon (CA), Rachel Ducharme (CA), Charles Antoine Poulin (CA), Fannie Hébert (CA), Ikram Haffaf (CA), Liliane Hamelin (CA), Marie-Ève Fortier (CA), Jill Didur (CA), Tony Higuchi (ES), AELab (CA), Fossilation (CA), Andrée Martin (CA), Estelle Schorpp (FR/CA), Marc-André Cossette (CA), Sandra Volny (CA), Ahreum Lee (KR/CA), Émilie Morin (CA), Erin Gee (CA), Guillaume Pascal (CA), Juliette Lusven (FR/CA), Maxime Boutin (FR/CA), Olivia Mc Gilchrist (JM/FR), Rilla Khaled (CA), Enric Llagostera (BR), Jess Rowan Marcotte (CA), Steven Sych (CA), Jean Dubois (CA), Ghyslain Gagnon (CA), Ké Medley (CA), Louis-Philippe Rondeau (CA), Yan Breuleux (CA), Nicolas Bernier (CA), Nicolas Reeves (CA), David St-Onge (CA), Chris Salter (US/CA), Dietmar Lupfer (DE), Sofian Audry (CA), TeZ (IT)

Documentation of the first art installation of the Canada Research Chair MÉDIANE, presented outdoors in July 2021 at Jardin botanique Montréal. The installation experiments artistically with the ecophysiological data of three species of trees collected by the research programme SmartForests.