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Thomas Cornelius Desi 2020 (AT)

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Sun Sep 12, 2021, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
Kammerspiele Schauspielhaus, Promenade 39, Linz

ELECTRONIC OPERA – contemporary music theater

Tarkovsky – The 8th Film is a musical theater piece that deals with a major topic of the future: artificial intelligence and virtual reality. And it’s a piece that fits into our pandemic present in an eerily visionary way: a work with only one performer, fed video projections and a handful of musicians: the piece tells the story, based in part on true events, of the eighth film by legendary filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, which was never finished. For the first time, the director himself becomes the theatrical figure of an enigmatic cowboy film. In a “mirror saloon,” there is a shootout with an invisible opponent. Severely injured, he encounters virtual people who may determine his life. His vision of a film in virtual space takes vague shape …


Piece text, vocal composition, staging Thomas Cornelius Desi 2020 (AT), Music, Sound space NIHE (EE) – Ekke Västrik (analog electronics), Tarmo Johannes (Flutes, sound programming), Taavi Kerikmae (digital Electronics), Augmented Reality Design, Bühne, Robotic Peter Koger (AT), Light design Vedran Mandic (AT), Sound Studio Christoph Amann | Amann Studios (AT), costum Katharina Kappert (AT) Tarkovsky Gilbert Handler (AT), Mischa Gotho Griesmeier (AT), Boris Martin Achrainer (AT), Robot KUKA (DE)

A production by ZOON Musiktheater, with funding from the Kulturamt der Stadt Wien und des Bundeskanzleramts / Sektion Kunst Kultur, in Kooperation with WUK performing arts and Landestheater Linz We thank the company KUKA Cooperation: Eesti Kontsert (Estonia, producer Heili Vaus-Tamm) Support: Ministry of Culture of Estonia