Disconnected Experiences

The Solar Moose

Javier Montenegro Naranjo (CU) & Miguel Alejandro Nicolás Díaz  (CU)

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Welcome to this special Artist Journey from the Disconnected Experiences Garden of Cuba. The Solar Moose creates videogames that aim to generate a user experience that goes beyond the game. Taking as a reference the news game and authors like Lucas Pope, Jonathan Blow, Deconstructeam, we seek the player’s empathy and tell stories that take advantage of the interactivity of the medium to narrate or break with the usual forms used in video games to achieve the player’s immersion.

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By Javier Montenegro and Miguel Alejandro Nicolás. Garden Curator: Nestor Siré; Steering: Michael M. Thoss; Coordinator: Raquel Ávila; Jury: Cristina Figueroa Vives, Jorge Fernández and Yusnier Mentado; Assistant: Yainet Rodríguez

The Solar Moose: is an independent Cuban video game development studio. They develop works that transmit experiences beyond the usual playful content of video games. Its two members have been working together for approximately nine months and, in that time, they have made two games that they are still perfecting: Escape from the Eternal Loop and Romb Taider. They have participated in the GameGen Jam 2021 and MatCom Game Jam 2021.