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Theatre Exhibition

Daniel Kreuzsaler (AT), Bernd Baumgartner (AT), Linus Birkendahl (DE), Valentin Goham (DE), Steven Mark Kübler (DE), Matthias Holzmann (IT), Sara Schlierenzauer (AT), Cornel Entfellner (AT), Daniela Kasperer (AT), Gerlinde Radler (AT), Lara Schnepf (AT), Lea Wiednig (AT), Paulina Krasser (AT), Stefan Berger (AT), Stefanie Amberger (AT), Thomas Gschoßmann (AT), Zoe Vitzthum (AT)

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The Lehar Theatre In Bad Ischl hosts a physical exhibition showcasing works of students from the master’s semester studio (University of Innsbruck) & the artist in residence at AUF! AUF! Residency. The exhibition comprises of Virtual Reality experiences, interactive projection mapping projects, a silent disco & interactive sculptures.

University Students: Steven Mark Kübler, Matthias Holzmann, Sara Schlierenzauer, Valentin Goham, Linus Birkendahl, Bernd Baumgartner, Daniel Kreuzsaler. Tutors: Anirudhan Iyengar, Clemens Plank & Judith Prossliner.

The central theme of the studio is elements and objects in the theatre. It addresses questions such as how objects are experienced, what needs they answer other than functional ones, what mental structures are interwoven with and contradict their functional structures, or what cultural, intracultural, or transcultural system underpins their directly experienced everydayness. We shall not, therefore, be concerning ourselves with objects as defined by their functions or by the categories into which they might be subdivided for analytic purposes, but instead with the processes whereby people relate to them, their relevance in the perception of space and architecture, and with the systems of human behavior and relationships that result from them (Baudrillard, 1996). The studio will study the relationship between objects, of the objects and space (wholes), and of the boundaries between the objects through the aspect of identity, representation, and meaning in the context of the theatre. They will offer a critical interpretation of the spatial ornaments and objects, the literal and metaphorical perception of the historical theatrical space.

AUF! AUF! Residency Artists : Gruppe 19 – Cornel Entfellner, Daniela Kasperer, Gerlinde Radler, Lara Schnepf, Lea Wiednig, Paulina Krasser, Stefan Berger, Stefanie Amberger, Thomas Gschoßmann, Zoe Vitzthum

The Salzburg-based Artist Collective Group 19 is focusing on performances and artistic interventions that break up grown social and historical structures. As part of their residency at AUF! AUF! they are realizing a project dedicated to bread. In collaboration with a local bakery, Group 19 develops a multimedia installation in and around the Lehartheater Bad Ischl.

Matthias Holzmann (IT): Matthias Holzmann is an architect, interaction designer, and 3dD artist. He graduated in architecture from the University of Innsbruck. He sees architecture, space, and form as an active unit that is constantly changing and he explores the relationship between space, time, and the individual.

Bernd Baumgartner (AT): Bernd Baumgartner is currently studying architecture in Innsbruck. Has a keen interest in design, art and loves sarcasm.

Steven Mark Kübler (AT/US): Steven Mark Kübler (perspek.steven) is an architecture student from Innsbruck and a visual artist working with audio-reactive and interactive visual experiences. Sound and human body movements are the instruments for his work. His latest project tries to connect the real world with the digital world and to trigger the viewer to live a Déjà-vu.

Valentin Goham (DE): Valentin Goham, passionate about aging artifacts, heart beating for patina, and aesthetics of traces sustainability combined with digitalism drawn to ambivalence in creation and meaning.

Linus Birkendahl (DE): Linus BirkendahlGerman is currently working in the master’s program of the Interspace Studio at the University of Innsbruck. In his recent work, he explored the deep emotional world of the theater and tried to find a way to translate its theatric energy onto 3-dimensional objects. The manipulation via live inputs is an interesting tool to create exciting experiences between the observer and the digital world.

Sara Schlierenzauer (AT): Sara Schlierenzauer is an architecture student, passionate about exploring architecture through its technological perspectives.

Daniel Kreuzsaler (AT): Daniel Kreuzsaler is currently living in Salzburg and studying for the Master’s of Architecture in Innsbruck. Architecture is so diverse and deals with many different applications, which piqued his interest. Especially the experimental and creative aspects inspire me in architecture.


University of Innsbruck | Institut Für Gestaltung | Studio 2 | Holon Architecture Lab (AT) Anirudhan Iyengar & Clemens Plank AUF! AUF! Residency Gioia Osthoff