HSE Garden Pavilion


Alexa Zotova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Sergey Zakharov (RU)

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Speculative browser game

“Transprivacy” is a speculative browser game exploring the ambiguous nature of social networks’ transparency. It also questions one’s ownership over their digital copy. The project is based on the data from “have I been pwned” set, where cases of different information leaks are stored. The website communicates social networks as separated, situated “states” on the map. Each digital territory is attached to a certain social network, embodied in a form of a watermark pattern. User’s goal is to make all social networks transparent by converting accounts into the breached ones. In acting a user should consider that every social network contains their account as well. The game process leads players to the knowledge of types of their personal data breaches. To transform the cell of the map a user should make a left mouse click, to get the info about breached accounts and hover on the cell. To discover all digital «states» a user may scroll the page horizontally and vertically.


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Alexa Zotova (RU): artist, designer, BA student (Animation&Illustration, HSE University) Alexa Zotova uses multimedia means to create new spaces for human communication. The subjects of her research are new technologies and patterns of interaction with the digital environment. As an artist and designer, she shapes the interface for phenomena that are not yet conceptualized or visualized. Alexa explores the relationship between man and AI to overcome existing stereotypes and rethink our perception of reality through new tools. Exhibitions: “WE ARE”, HSE Online Gallery, 2020 «The Leach P12-20v.1.0», HSE Online Gallery, 2021.

Kate Umnova (RU): multimedia curator, lecturer (Multimedia art and Multimedia design, HSE University) With a background in physics and art, Kate Umnova is interested in combining logical structures with holistic observations. She seeks new approaches to art exhibiting and environment perception through the means of collaborative action, new media, and digital interfaces. Exhibitions: What Time Are You? A walk in game time, a group exhibition of new media and game artists, HSE Art Gallery, 2020 New Japan. The Observer Effect, a group exhibition of Japanese new media artists, Solyanka State Gallery, 2018 Stelarc’s Postevolution: Hybridisation rather than typization, a documentary exhibition dedicated to the work of Australian artist Stelarc, Solyanka State Gallery, 2018 Meta Matter, a group exhibition of Dutch animation artists, Solyanka State Gallery, 2017.

Sergey Zakharov (RU): web developer, alt-web researcher, lecturer (Multimedia art and Multimedia design, HSE University) Sergey is interested in art, culture, and educational projects on the web. Latest projects: Impostor Cities — a website for the Canada Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, 2021 Status — a website for the Russia Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, 2021 Automatic Writing — a website for a semester-long exploration of the relationship between language, media, and design, 2020 Summa Technologiae — a website for a pedagogical investigation based on the work of Stanisław Lem, 2020.


Alexa Zotova (RU), Kate Umnova (RU), Sergey Zakharov (RU)