Anti Conductor

Ryo Kishi (JP)


Struggle in the flow

Anti Conductor embraces the beauty of struggles. In our society, individuals tend to go with the flow of their environment.

It’s human nature because it’s easier to survive that way. But it’s also monotonous and boring. If no one tries to go against the flow, nothing is going to change. On the other hand, when someone tries to escape from the flow, they will definitely face the risks of being pulled back into the flow because society wants to maintain its structure.

The image of an individual struggling in the flow is full of power and energy, even if the efforts might not pay off. It’s simply fascinating to see an individual’s attempt to break the norm of their environment, and wish for the revolution that could come from it.




Ryo Kishi (JP) was born in Tokyo. Rather than techniques and tools, his experimental projects focus on phenomena.