Theatre in the Digital Age


European Theatre Convention

The digital shift changes how we create, share and monetize content, including theatrical works. Where does contemporary theatre fit into our digital world? And what conditions must be met for digital innovation in theatre? The European Theatre Convention (ETC) has set Theatre in the Digital Age as a core pillar of its program for European Theatres. Through research and experimentation with digital technologies, ETC aims to enhance theatrical live experience and to offer meaningful reflection of its possibilities and boundaries.

This year for the third time, Ars Electronica and ETC collaborate in a symposium with discussion, a hands-on VR workshop by the CyberRäuber and their Fragments | a digital Freischütz, a virtual reality opera in four episodes, co-produced by ETC members Landestheater Linz and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Founded in 1988, ETC has become Europe’s largest network for public theatres with around 40 venues from more than 20 countries. As an artistic platform for creation, innovation and collaboration, ETC initiated the project European Theatre Lab – Drama goes digital in 2016.


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