Philosophy of Drawing

Aichi University of the Arts (AUA) (JP)


Curator: Atsuhito Sekiguchi (JP)

Aichi University of Art (AUA) is exhibiting the Media Art Study Group of JASIAS (Japan) Society of Image Arts and Sciences, in particular, works with media visuals and traditional expressions from media artists active in the Chubu region of Japan.

The theme of AUA’s exhibition is Philosophy of Drawing, showcasing artists and researchers from the area around the university. This exhibition focuses on the physical act of “drawing” and shows works that juxtapose “inner sight” and “drawing,” perceiving the physical act. This project exhibits 7 groups of works by 10 artists.

Works that show the difference between individual drawings and the concept of sets, such as DTG DM 1.0.

Works that approach the landscape in memory by AR, T.YAMAMTO Resolution of landscape.

Works that have cognitive effects on their physicality by their own vision, K.KODAKA Bodiject-oriented. The image of returning to water accesses people’s own memories, N.OSAKI Portraits.

Project that draws a new “constellation” on the ground using satellite and handmade radio wave reflector, H.SUZUKI+N.OHKI Constellations of the Earth. Analog drawing machine with wooden scale arm, A.SEKIGUCHI and I.KATAYAMA Arm Existence 2019. Using the small display makes viewer to experience like “look through the micro world”, H.ISHIKAWA RGB microscope.


Overview of projects


Project Credits:

  • Agency for Cultural Affaires, Government of Japan


Professor of Aichi University of the Arts
Born in Tokyo in 1958. Graduated master course in painting from Tokyo University of the Arts 1983. Professor at IAMAS (Institute of Media Arts and Sciences) 1998-2009. exhibited Canon Art LAB 9th  [Connected Re-body] at Tokyo 1999. exhibited [Keikan] at Sendai Media Tech 2002. President of IAMAS 2009-2013. Exhibited [La Guerre] at Art LAB Aichi at Nagoya2016. Director of Art Robotics, a project of Arts & Sciences for Art Analysis Research.