We Maketh God
Jungwon Seo (KR)

Seo’s We Maketh God (2021) considers what sort of art AI may create. Shot in black and white and slowed to stretch each moment into suspense, the video brings the drama of the Renaissance into the present, creating a space to contemplate the history we are living and making each day.

Fluidity of Future Machines
Syaura Qotrunadha (ID)

Qotrunadha’s work, Fluidity of Future Machines (2021), is the Indonesia-based artist’s video collage exploring the relationship between water and living creatures’ migration, speculating on the future of human nature. The visuals of her video recall the experience of looking through a microscope, suggesting that the insights of our elders may help us see what is invisible, but right before us.

Rice Hunger Sorrow
Paribartana Mohanty (IN)

Mohanty traveled more than 10,000 kilometers of the Indian coast to witness and document the effects of natural disasters, including cyclones and tsunamis, for his VH AWARD project. His video, Rice Hunger Sorrow (2021), follows two protagonists to the ocean and forest, asking continually, “who is the mightiest?” The answer, though never spoken, is perhaps best left as a reflection on our own lack of might in the face of mother nature.

Doreen Chan (CN-HK)

Chan’s work, titled HalfDream (2021), is a participatory art project conducted on a dedicated artificial intelligence platform (halfdream.org) that connects participants via their subconscious and common dreams.

Black Cloud
Lawrence Lek (UK)

Lek’s 4th VH AWARD Grand-Prix-winning work Black Cloud (2021), is the culmination of the London-based artist’s ongoing body of virtual-reality productions. Working with video game software and CGI animation, Lek merges real places with virtual worlds to look at how humans interact with AI and how digital images alter our experiences in the real world.