Rice Hunger Sorrow

Paribartana Mohanty (IN)

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Mohanty traveled more than 10,000 kilometers of the Indian coast to witness and document the effects of natural disasters, including cyclones and tsunamis, for his VH AWARD project. His video, Rice Hunger Sorrow (2021), follows two protagonists to the ocean and forest, asking continually, “who is the mightiest?” The answer, though never spoken, is perhaps best left as a reflection on our own lack of might in the face of mother nature.


Paribartana Mohanty is a New Delhi artist who trained in painting and works in video. He has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions, including „Trees are Stranger Than Alien in the Movies“ (2018) and „Kino is the Name of a Forest“ (2012), both at the Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India.


Paribartana Mohanty, Rice Hunger Sorrow, single channel video, 20’23”, 2021. Commissioned by VH AWARD of Hyundai Motor Group

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