We Maketh God

Jungwon Seo (KR)

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Seo’s We Maketh God (2021) considers what sort of art AI may create. Shot in black and white and slowed to stretch each moment into suspense, the video brings the drama of the Renaissance into the present, creating a space to contemplate the history we are living and making each day. The effect is subtle, yet powerful. Seo makes viewers aware that while we may not feel the significance of our actions — both collective and individual — they will reverberate in unpredictable ways for years, possibly centuries, to come.


Jungwon Seo lives and works in Seoul, Korea. She was recently the subject of a solo exhibition „For God is Love“ (2016) at Sinsang Gallery, Seoul, Korea. She has also been included in group exhibitions, including fairs and festivals in China and Korea.


Jungwon Seo, We Maketh God, single channel video, 14’35”, 2021. Commissioned by VH AWARD of Hyundai Motor Group

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