Local Heroes & Regional Contributions to Ars Electronica 2018

A Festival Made in Linz
Local Heroes & Regional Contributions to Ars Electronica 2018

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(Linz, September 4, 2018) Ars Electronica Linz is world-famous. It stands for a unique approach to considering the interrelationships of art, technology and society and thereby eliciting new ways of looking issues of key importance to our future. Ars Electronica brings together visionaries, pioneers, lateral thinkers, decision makers and activists in art, technology, science, business and politics. What these creative men and women from Linz and all over the world have in common is passionate commitment to getting involved and having a say in shaping a better future.

The development of the festival reflects the generally expanding radius of action of all of Ars Electronica’s divisions. The associates we collaborate with and the clients who commission our work are no longer limited to the fields of art and culture; most are now involved in science, business and industry. Their increasing interest in new perspectives and creative approaches has made Linz-based Ars Electronica a partner in demand worldwide.

Nevertheless, Ars Electronica is inconceivable without its regional roots. There’s no other media art festival in the world on these dimensions that, in addition to classic artistic and cultural venues like museums, concert halls and universities, is also played out at locations like churches, parking decks, tunnels, shopping malls and harbor docks. Neither is there another media art festival anywhere that has collaborated on a long-term basis with a classical orchestra. Nor does any other media art festival include a special festival-within-a-festival for young people, or offer festivalgoers regional specialties at its own organic farmers’ market. Or one that works together with architects and social welfare organizations to build sustainable furniture that’s used during the festival and then made available to refugees.
It’s the sum of these and many other thoroughly out-or-the-ordinary activities and regional partnerships that makes the festival something truly one-of-a-kind. In this respect, this year’s Ars Electronica is no exception.

Emergency Error Battle / Fotocredit: Vanessa Graf / Printversion

CyberArts Exhibition – BitSoil Popup Tax & Hack Campaign: LarbitsSisters (BE) / Fotocredit: larbitslab / Printversion

Big Concert Night / Fotocredit: tom mesic / Printversion

Große Konzertnacht: Probe Silk Fluegge / Fotocredit: Martin Hieslmair / Printversion

Future Concept Truck / Fotocredit: Ars Electronica / Martin Hielsmair / Printversion

Interface Cultures – Linobyte: Wesley Lee (BR) / Fotocredit: Wesley Lee / Printversion

Cooperative Aesthetics – Next Edition: Partical Images / Christian Berger / Fotocredit: Vanessa Graf / Printversion

Die Tonfälle / Anatol Bogendorfer (AT), Hörstadt (AT) / Fotocredit: Anatol Bogendorfer, Hörstadt / Printversion

VERNER – Versatile Nature Exploration Rover / Simone Atzwanger (AT), Max Heisinger (AT), Max Hofinger (AT), Markus Pirngruber (AT), Florian Rudinger (AT) / Fotocredit: HARPTech2018 / Printversion