Chapter 5: Media  


Fake, Re-check, Double Check – A new civic media contract in the age of AI.

In the fifth chapter of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term students examine the incentives, tactics, and mechanisms of online news construction and dissemination. Topics covered include the distortion of truth for clicks, identity and audience influence, and the limits of fact-checking and AI synthesis.

In a speculative future environment, students will create 30-second videos about their projects at four stations under the guidance of four Fellows, Ziv Green Epstein, Sarah Kriesche, David McDonald and Umlilo Siya. The stations focus on identity and micro-targeting, the science of disinformation, the use of AI and language translation to manipulate truth, and the art of storytelling. The result is 96 videos that will be combined into a single video montage in a joint synthesis session and presented at the Ars Electronica Center’s DeepSpace 8K.

Hosted by Ziv Green Epstein, Sarah Kriesche, David McDonald, Umlilo Siya and Catalysts Nico Naveau and Denise Hirtenfelder

January 17-20, 2024

Ars Electronica Blog: Disinformation, manipulation and the art of storytelling