Fall Term Chapters


The Fall Term is divided into six content blocks. Over the course of four days on site in Linz each, they deal with the core aspects of digital transformation. Through the unusual and catalytic mix of fellows, each of these chapters opens doors to different perspectives on the following contents:

  • Chapter 1: Birth, Life and Death of Infrastructure 

    Heavy Lift – the infrastructure to run the code. In the first chapter of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Terms, students led by Fellows Gerhard Grimm, Darsha Hannah Hewitt and Vladan Joler explored the birth, life and death of infrastructures.

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  • Chapter 2: Data & Code

    Soft Wars – data, code and models that run our lives. In the second chapter of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term, “Data & Code”, students go through the entire life cycle of data under the guidance of Fellows Arianna Salazar Miranda, Roland van Dierendonck and Paolo Cirio.

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  • Chapter 3: Robots, Machines and Tangibles

    Moral Machines – Living with robots that care and scare. The third chapter of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term explores the relationship between humans and machines. Led by Fellows Edwina Portocarrero, Nan Zhao, and RAY LC, the chapter explores the evolution of machines, their current role and future perspectives.

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  • Chapter 4: Interfaces & Visualizations  

    Intangible Worlds – The Reality of the Virtual. In the fourth chapter of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Terms “Interfaces & Visualizations”, Fellows Dietmar Offenhuber, Jiabao Li and Barbara Lippe address the interfaces between social dynamics and the representation of data in physical and virtual worlds.

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  • Chapter 5: Media  

    Identity, Disinformation, AI Manipulation and Storytelling. Guided by David McDonald, Sarah Kriesche, Umlilo Siya and Ziv Green Epstein, the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term students examine the incentives, tactics, and mechanisms of online news construction and dissemination.

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  • Chapter 6: Digital Society & Policy

    Tech-diplomacy – Movements and Mobilities among Nature, Tech, and People. The sixth chapter with Alex Putzer, Elisabeth Windisch, Julia Kloiber, Kamya Ramachandran, and Lukas Fuchs focuses on how movements and mobilities between nature, tech, and people create conflict and cooperation.

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