AV-Service Lounge net:art coordination center / Renate Kreil (AT), @POSTCITY photo: vog.photo

AV-Service Lounge

net:art coordination center; Renate Kreil (AT)

AV-Service Lounge offers podcasts, videos by and about Aaron Swartz, and insights into the aaron’s law project series that began on January 11, 2023. The three parts of the exhibition are closely intertwined to provide visitors with a broad spectrum of artistic-technical content and the scope of Aaron Swartz’s sphere of influence in general; it is also for the partners who join and in order to discuss the influence of issues such as Creative Commons, open access to knowledge, open-source software and ethics in technology. For example, documentations of the int. Worklab “Make Archiving (un)sexy again?“ by mur.at.

net:art coordination center

The net:art coordination center has evolved from a successful series of interactive multi-site performances called net:art | near in the distance 1-3, initiated in 2018 by ACOnet, the Austrian National Research and Education Network (NREN). We design and realize net-based artistic-technical projects.