Manufacturing Audible Truth / Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz, Austria), Photo: Enrique Mendoza Mejia

Manufacturing Audible Truth

Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz, Austria)

Digital Music Focus / Artists’ meeting @ ABPU

Since 2016 Anton Bruckner Private University has been hosting the Sonic Saturday as part of the Ars Electronica Festival. For this year’s festival we will organize an artists’ meeting to allow for an informal, hands-on, in-person exchange of ideas among artistic researchers working on relevant projects.

In accordance with the festival theme Who owns the truth the Ars Electronica digital music focus at Anton Bruckner University will focus on how the audible arts do research and question the manifold concepts of truth.

While music is a tool quite unfit for reporting the factual, it has again and again proven to be rather successful in helping to bring its audiences into agreement, which is quite understandable given that it is a lot easier to feel part of a big group while marching (or dancing for that matter) to the beat of the same drummer, this classical tool for drowning out opposition as well as for the synchronization of movement, breath and heartbeat. Sound design, on the other hand, can play an important role in the creation of ever more truthful reproductions of, as well as substitutes for the (hyper-)real, more than the purely visual ever could.

With new AI tools for the automated generation and custom tailoring of the individually optimized sonic feed on the horizon, so is its potential for the (ab-)use of music for highly differentiated crowd control. Or is musical truth simply the optimal signal to feed to the receiving system, the always needy organism that the human body is?


  • MoNoDeC: The Mobile Node Controller Platform

    MoNoDeC: The Mobile Node Controller Platform

    Nick Hwang (US), Anthony T. Marasco (US), Eric Sheffield (US)

    The workshop will demonstrate the usage of MoNoDeC (tool) in the context of the composition Punctuated Equilibrium. Participants would learn about MoNoDeC, Punctuated Equilibrium and Collab-Hub, and take turns being audience and control members.

  • No One Died

    No One Died

    Yunyu Ong (AU)

    Dive into a world of deceptive truths and immersive storytelling at the No One Died workshop! Explore multi-perspective sound music narratives that challenge conventional narratives through spatial audio experiences.

  • SADISS, a smartphone-based sound system

    SADISS, a smartphone-based sound system

    Volkmar Klien (AT), Martina Claussen (DE/AT), Angelica Castello (MX/AT), Tobias Leibetseder (AT)

    SADISS is a web-based application developed at Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz, Austria) that bundles smartphones into monumental yet intricate sound systems or choirs.

Lecture-Performances & Concerts

  • AI Explainability, Embodiment and Sound in Space: A Case Study

    AI Explainability, Embodiment and Sound in Space: A Case Study

    Nicola Privato (IT)

    RAVE is a neural synthesis model for real-time performance. It compresses high-dimensional input data into lower-dimensional representations, known as latent spaces, that can be navigated by the performer in visual programming environments through dedicated objects.

  • Breathless


    Mona Hedayati (IR/CA)

    My lecture-performance initially provides a brief overview of a semi-generative, live sensor-to-sound performance conceptually embedded in my affective response to socio-political oppression that I am personally tied to. On a formal level, I will underscore the qualities of AI-powered immersive audio channeled into bodies that moves from particles to wave, from matter to event to…

  • Brunch at the Tangible Music Lab, Tabakfabrik Linz

    Brunch at the Tangible Music Lab, Tabakfabrik Linz

    Tangible Music Lab

    We will open the doors of our Tangible Music Lab for those attending this year’s Ars Electronica festival. If you are interested in visiting us, we will prepare some demos, snacks and drinks on Saturday, September 9th from 10:00 until 13:00 at the Tangible Music Lab location at the Tobacco Factory Linz.

  • Hate-follow me

    Hate-follow me

    Helga Arias (SP/CH)

    Since the advent of the Twitter revolution and the widespread use of the internet, social media has profoundly transformed our interactions and responses during crises. It has gained a powerful and faster-than-ever influence on what is known as crowd behavior. Recent phenomena, such as the proliferation of false information and the emergence of influencers who…

  • Listening Room

    Listening Room

    Production Studio ABPU

    During the symposium, the ABPU’s Production Studio will become the space for the Listening Room. A studio with a 20.2 speaker array that will allow visitors to perceive multichannel music in a relaxed way. Visitors can enter, exit and move freely through the space, perceiving thirty selected fixed-media pieces from the call for contributions.

  • Machine Mourning: Beyond the Void of Extractive Listening

    Machine Mourning: Beyond the Void of Extractive Listening

    Daria Kozlova (UK) & Arwina Afsharnejad (DE)

    Under the scorching sun on the top of the melting AI iceberg, Grimes peacefully reads The Communist Manifesto to David Guetta deepfaking Eminem’s vocals. Google guru Ray Kurzweil floats by on a drifting ice floe. Kurzweil is waving hello and continuing a lively conversation with the AI-reincarnated double of his deceased father. Only distant twitter…

  • Medium Sonorum Concert

    Medium Sonorum Concert

    Sonic Lab, ABPU

    Dive deep into freshly made immersive electronic music with the 20.4 system of the Sonic Lab. This is a concert designed to perceive spatial music selected from the call for contributions that relates to Manufacturing Audible Truth. The program shows a variety of styles of multichannel music from around the world.

  • Vibrate ResonAIte

    Vibrate ResonAIte

    Julian Rubisch (AT), Tobias Leibetseder (AT)

    Vibrate ResonAIte connects human and artificial creativity in a dialogue of images and sound. Mutual inspiration and provocation result in blending and diffusion of the participating minds until physical boundaries seem to disappear.

Sound Installations

  • DodekaOTTO


    Tangible Music Lab (Linz, AT) & OTTOsonics (Ottensheim, AT)

    The Dodekaotto is a spatial sound sculpture for the realization of hybrid sound spaces. Built from a dodecahedron structure, it provides a twenty-channel spherical multi-channel system based on the OTTOsonics infrastructure. The Dodekaotto has been designed at the Tangible Music Lab for the fiftieth anniversary of the University of Art and Design Linz.

  • Saxicola Rubetra L.

    Saxicola Rubetra L.

    Sam Erpelding (LU)

    Protecting an environment means that an environment has already been polluted to such an extent that some protection is needed. Before protecting something, man should save it from unwanted harm. Change as something fruitful and yet self-destructive at the same time.

  • SWYM


    Jorge Gómez (MX)

    Sound and visual elements forge an intricate relationship. At times, they align with the visual image, while at other times, they arise as expressions emerging from it in our minds. This interplay blurs the boundaries between image and sound, creating a sense of uncertainty that challenges our perception and prompts us to question the sources…