me ∞ us / Micro need for speed / Luka Carlevaris (SI), Photo: Nikola Predovic

me ∞ us

University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (SI)

Yes, „who owns the truth?“ The view of ownership of the planet, of nature, of people, of ideas, of technology is changing. We reflect on this through a selection of student works that interrogate social and environmental themes, artificial intelligence, contemplating a future without humans, as well as through intimate reflections on identities, gender, power and the fragility of the individual.

The exhibition invites the visitor into a whispering sound-light landscape, with points of individual works that invite reflection… on distant times, inhabited by new cultures, fungi growing out of a book, specifically a scientific encyclopedia of physics…. about us NOW, in the discomfort that overtakes us in the face of the world, the future, the unknown, about the feeling of helplessness and at the same time with confidence in the community of beings on the planet… about concrete solutions in the desire to survive through connection… and it also invites us to a quiet intimate space within the public, a calm boudoir with plants and a candy dispenser and a multitude of cyclical tempos, continuously generated by an installation of animated video moments.

The hybrid art projects are created in the context of explorations in art and society, natural sciences and technology, and are intended to lead to a better understanding of empathy, solidarity and care in the context of human and multi-human relationships. The primary method used under the title Futurama was the „Empathic Strategy“. It involves perceiving the environment beyond our empirical understanding and recognizing our active participation in it, rather than being mere observers or exploiters. This also applies to the other selected works in the exhibition.

  • 5476


    Ana Logar (SI), Anastasija Kojić (RS)

    In the year 5476, Earth has transformed. Humans are gone, replaced by new life forms. Our project showcases the remnants of human existence without their physical presence. Using mycelium-infused books, we symbolize human culture’s lasting impact.

  • Animated


    Various students

    At the UNG School of Art, students also focus on animated film. At this year’s Ars Electronica, we are presenting some selected animated films from previous years, which are thematically connected to the theme of Ars Electronica and our exhibition this year.

  • Cycle fragments

    Cycle fragments

    Tamara Taskova (MK)

    Cycle Fragments explores the notion that each person experiences their own cycle, influenced by a myriad of external and internal factors. The variations in duration for each animation contribute to an ever-changing puzzle, ensuring that every visitor encounters a unique configuration.

  • Fluvial dialects

    Fluvial dialects

    Miha Godec (SI)

    Fluvial Dialects ist eine Serie von drei kinetischen Klanginstallationen – Palingenesis, Con·d/s·ense, D•still – die Wasser als ihr zentrales Medium verwenden, um einen meditativen Raum zu schaffen, in dem die Besucher*innen dem Klang von Wasser lauschen können, während es gereinigt, kondensiert und destilliert wird.

  • Grayspaces


    Anastasija Kojić (RS)

    Pace of life varies in a regular fashion with the size of the local population, regardless of the cultural setting The truth is, cities move fast. Living in a city is frequently associated with tension, worry and loneliness, but we can lessen these effects by spending more time in nature.

  • Littering / Echoing shadows

    Littering / Echoing shadows

    Tamara Kostrevc (RS), Lazar Mihajlović (RS)

    Littering was conceived with the idea of awakening viewers‘ awareness of the environmental crisis we have caused ourselves and to provoke thoughts about our responsibility towards the planet. The concept of Echoing shadows is to provoke thoughts about the vitality of nature and its ever-accelerating disappearance under the influence of human activity.

  • Micro need for speed

    Micro need for speed

    Luka Carlevaris (SI)

    Motorsport is very interesting and colorful, but this entails the fact that it is the only sport that directly affects the pollution of this planet. Micro need for speed is a work combined from motorsport photos projected onto the surface of the water on top of the tire tower.

About the Institution

The University of Nova Gorica is a small, research-oriented university in the region right by the Slovenian-Italian border. The UNG School of Arts conducts research through the branches of its academic programs in animation, film, photography, new media, contemporary art practices, scenographic spaces and art-science-technology. We have always been very attentive and conscious of our social and geopolitical realities. We are part of GO!Borderless story of ECoC GO!2025.


Exhibition curator: Rene Rusjan, Producer and coordinator: Rok Govednik, Technical support: Urša Bonelli, Responsible person: Boštjan Potokar, The selected student works were created in research activities of Futurama, Time and Space in moving image, The power of female blood workshops and under the mentorships of: Robertina Šebjanič, Jasna Hribernik, Rene Rusjan; Participating students: Ana Logar, Anastasija Kojić, Luka Carlevaris, Tamara Taskova, Tamara Kostrevc, Lazar Mihajlović and diverse animation students