Realities in Transition

  • Build your Own Virtual Avatar

    Build your Own Virtual Avatar

    Paula Strunden (AT)

    Discover the world of embodied virtual world creation in this interactive workshop. You’ll learn how to create your own virtual avatar wearing VR headsets and using 3D modelling software Gravity Sketch and auto-rigging software Adobe Mixamo. Step beyond the conventional perception of virtual reality as an escape from reality and explore new forms of hybrid…

  • CripTech Lab: Metaverse Reclaimed

    CripTech Lab: Metaverse Reclaimed

    Vanessa Chang (US), Lindsey Felt (US)

    Who owns the metaverse? XR is celebrated as a space of profound possibility where a user can transcend their physical limitations. Yet the reality is that the metaverse remains inaccessible to many. What would a metaverse, collaboratively built and governed, look and feel like? Using speculative storytelling and worldbuilding protocols, this design lab invites participants…

  • Critical XR Manifesto: Exploring ethical dimensions of XR

    Critical XR Manifesto: Exploring ethical dimensions of XR

    Boris Debackere (BE), Aurelie Delater (FR), Vanessa Hannesschläger (AT), Alisa Verbina (RU)

    The Critical XR Manifesto workshop sets out to reimagine and expand on the current notions of XR while following a critical, reflective line of thought and envisioning a common, open, sustainable XR as promoted by the Realities in Transition project. The interactive workshop addresses XR artists and professionals from Europe and beyond, inviting them to…