S+T+ARTS Day: Residency. But How? Photo: Philipp Greindl

AI for Culture: Overcoming fear with understanding: Featuring “AI for Music” – a 5-minute documentary based on an expert session held in Salzburg on the 4th August 2023

Geraint Wiggins (GB)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Thu 7. Sep 2023 15:05 – 15:10

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Geraint Wiggins (GB)

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Photo: Jamie Forth

Geraint Wiggins (GB)

Geraint Wiggins is Professor of Computational Creativity at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Queen Mary University of London. He has studied artificial creative intelligence since 1987. He co-founded the field of Computational Creativity, and chaired the international Association for Computational Creativity from 2008 to 2014. He studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Cambridge and Artificial Intelligence (PhD, 1991) and Music (PhD, 2007) at the University of Edinburgh.


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