It’s AI, Stupid – Futuring Exercise (AI Futures) Time’s Up Survey, Impression from JKU Square at POSTCITY. Photo: Markus Schneeberger

It’s AI, Stupid – Futuring Exercise (AI Futures)

Time’s Up

Thu 7. Sep 2023 10:00 – 13:00

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Artificial Intelligence is supposed to make everything better, or at least different.
But how? And what? For whom?
Can we have it with whipped cream? And who is doing the dishes?

As part of this three-hour “futuring” exercise, participants will use their imagination of near-term future scenarios to address the promises and threats – along with subsequent tangents and obstacles – posed by ideas of artificial intelligence. This is an imaginative, playful, arts-based process that engages the participants’ collective intelligence and creativity, resulting in artefacts embodying different aspects of potential future scenarios.

The participants are not expected to possess a background in AI, robotics, or the like. The workshop will explore how human relationships and social interactions are influenced and altered when seemingly intelligent, conversational players are introduced into the social fabric. How would this impact our everyday lives?

Language: English

NO Registration required – The format of the workshop AIFutures is changed into a survey. Please visit POSTCITY, JKU Square to take part in the survey. Thank you for your understanding.


Credits: Presented in collaboration with the Johannes Kepler University and the Circus of Knowledge

Time’s Up

Time’s Up explores the power of haptic, interactive, and immersive environments on a human scale. Serving as a laboratory to design experimental situations, we create narrative environments specifically related to constructing experiential models for potential future scenarios and building physical narratives that explore emerging, contemporary socio-political issues.
Working from their base in Linz, Austria, Time’s Up has been exhibiting and collaborating with a large number of inspirational partners throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Australia since 1996.