S+T+ARTS Day: Residency. But How? Photo: Philipp Greindl

Artificial meets Artistic Intelligence (AIxAI): Opportunities for the Future of the Arts, Culture and Creative Economy

Bernd Fesel (DE)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Thu 7. Sep 2023 15:10 – 15:30

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This talk presents EIT Culture & Creativity, an initiative designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network. We dive into how the arts can help us rethink the way we currently run our cultural and creative sectors and industries from fashion to film to transform the world according to their vision of the green and digital transitions. Then, we examine the impact of AI on Business models & IP-rights in the cultural and creative industries.


Bernd Fesel (DE)

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Bernd Fesel (DE)

Bernd Fesel has over 30 years of experience dedicated to Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries and is the CEO of EIT Culture & Creativity. He is a serial entrepreneur with a long track record of startup creation, creating and supporting public organisations, and bringing to life programs and policies for CCSI. He was the Director of the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), a not-for-profit organization of over 170 members from 44 countries that supports and develops the cultural and creative industries in Europe. He has also held the roles of vice director of the European Capital of Culture in the Ruhr Region and played a key role in EU initiatives such as JRC-Creative City Monitor, Voices for Culture program and ENCATC and setup a European Research Alliance on Spillover-Effects of Culture and Creativity.


EIT Culture & Creativity is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and funded by the European Unio