Photo: Mona Hedayati


Mona Hedayati (IR/CA)

Anton Bruckner Private University
Sat 9. Sep 2023 14:40 – 15:00

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My lecture-performance initially provides a brief overview of a semi-generative, live sensor-to-sound performance conceptually embedded in my affective response to socio-political oppression that I am personally tied to. On a formal level, I will underscore the qualities of AI-powered immersive audio channeled into bodies that moves from particles to wave, from matter to event to build affective representations.

This address will then merge into the performative section of the presentation activated by sound, during which I will recite a narrative that draws a parallel between the kind of truth produced by authoritative regimes and the definitive and terminal truths generated by machine learning algorithms both of which shape the realities of our lives. I will conclude by exposing how I use my body as a way to communicate the experience of living under such regimes of truth-making.