Key impulse talk on business issues around AI for culture / Samanta Peña (ES), Michael Mayboeck (AT), Photo showing Michael Mayboeck @POSTCITY, First Floor, Confrence Hall Photo: markus schneeberger

Key impulse talk on business issues around AI for culture

Samanta Peña (ES), Michael Mayboeck (AT)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Thu 7. Sep 2023 15:30 – 15:45

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Impulse talk

Co-hosted by CultTech Association – a movement focused on advancing innovation at the intersection of culture and technology with the mission of making culture more accessible and financially sustainable – this talk explores the different initiatives in the cultural startup space. In particular, the talk will examine how the Culttech Accelerator Program helps cultural entrepreneurs prepare for investment, and how the newly launched Fund New Renaissance Ventures is investing in cultural and creative industries (CCIs). Finally, the talk will explore the applications of AI in the CCIs and showcase some examples from the CultTech ecosystem.


Samanta Peña (ES)
Michael Mayboeck (AT)

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Michael Mayboeck (AT)

Michael Mayboeck is the Co-Founder and General Partner of the newly launched early-stage VC-Fund New Renaissance Ventures, investing in tech companies in the cultural and creative industries. Before founding, I spent six years at various VC-funds investing from early- to late-stage startups across many different verticals and geographies.

Photo: Blue Studios

Samanta Peña (ES)

Samanta Peña is the current Head of Accelerator at CultTech Accelerator, a global community with a vision to make culture more financially independent and accessible to all, Samanta leads the accelerator’s efforts in supporting CultTech founders helping them become more investor friendly, by catering to the specific needs of startups in the CultTech sector, providing them with access to industry experts, a personal mentor, and a trusted community.


Co-hosted with CultTech Association