IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS / Bassam Issa (IE), Photo: Bassam Issa

Animation Festival: Data, Bodies, Space

Jonathan Armour (IE), Ina Conradi (US/SG) and Mark Chavez (US), Maxime Chudeau (FR) Jieyuan Huang (CN/AT/DE), Bassam Issa (IE), Junha Kim (KR), Dorian Rigal Minuit (FR), Ryotaro Sato (JP), Wang & Söderström (SE)

Ars Electronica Center, Seminarraum
Fri 8. Sep 2023 10:00 – 11:30

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Data, Bodies, Space shows an intriguing mix of different animation art practices, dealing with the “glitches” of our digitality-virtuality-reality condition. From nightmarish dystopian scenarios to speculative more-than-human ecologies, you are transported into a sensuous imaginary cyberspace, filled with hybrid beings, ambiguous heroes, data bodies and networked selves.

The selected shorts from Data, Bodies, Space fast-forward to a future which is fascinating and frightening at the same time. In The Needlecast Rhapsody we witness a technology that can upload humans to distant locations in the galaxy. Moirai – Thread of Life also shows a journey to different cosmic dimensions and touches on quantum physics to explain notions of fate. Posthuman Hospital and My Mind As/Is Your Memory, My Body As/Is Your Substance take one to a nightmarish posthuman dystopia, whereas Rehousing Technosphere gives a more hopeful look into a new planetary ecology in a more-than-human future in which the digital is everpresent yet endued with haptic and sensual properties. La Limite est une facade and IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS! depict mesmerizing journeys of fluidity and metamorphosis with a poetic approach, whereas CIRCVS MAXIMVS and Interchange feature a humorous take on virtual, computer-animated worlds and their relationship with the “real” world, highlighting the entanglements of power and control.

The Needlecast Rhapsody – Jonathan Armour (IE), 6’

Moirai – Thread of Life – Ina Conradi (US/SG) & Mark Chavez (US), 6’

The Posthuman Hospital – Junha Kim (KR), 7’

My Mind As/Is Your Memory, My Body As/Is Your Substance – Jieyuan Huang (CN/AT/DE), 3’


Rehousing Technosphere – Wang & Söderström (SE), 6’

La limite est une facade – Dorian Rigal Minuit (FR), 7’

Interchange – Ryotaro Sato (JP), 8’

CIRCVS MAXIMVS – Maxime Chudeau (FR), 3’

Data Bodies Space is shown multiple times in the Seminarraum. A shorter 30-minute selection from this program can be watched in Deep Space 8k as a one-time event.