Photo: Helga Arias

Hate-follow me

Helga Arias (SP/CH)

Anton Bruckner Private University
Sat 9. Sep 2023 15:50 – 16:10

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Since the advent of the Twitter revolution and the widespread use of the internet, social media has profoundly transformed our interactions and responses during crises. It has gained a powerful and faster-than-ever influence on what is known as crowd behavior. Recent phenomena, such as the proliferation of false information and the emergence of influencers who serve as role models for millions of followers, have given rise to a new perception of truth.

The spread of fake news through information cascades begins when users either lack accurate information or have a specific agenda to promote. This is where the problem starts, and as retweets or post-sharing accumulate, the dissemination of false information intensifies. As more and more people share the content, a particular post gains attention and is perceived as credible and believable. After all, if numerous individuals, especially influential ones, are engaging with it, it gives the impression of being truthful.