Love Vibes / Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR), photo:

Love Vibes

Daniel González Franco (CO), Cathline Smoos (FR), Alejandro Martín (ES)

A journey of dance, unity and connection powered by Espronceda

Drawing inspiration from the captivating aesthetics of 1980s synthwave, Love Vibes transports participants into a visually stunning retro-futuristic realm. A unique fusion of virtual reality and dance, an installation/performance that explores the concept of subjective truth, vibrant neon lights cast a mesmerizing and psychedelic filter over reality, enveloping individuals in a pulsating atmosphere that harmonizes with the celebratory sounds of human expression fostering unity and camaraderie.

Number of participants in case limited: 10 participants at the same time.
Language: English

Photo: Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel González Franco (CO)

Daniel González-Franco is a digital artist and interaction designer. His main focus is forging profound XR experiences, resonating with the soul and unity, by blending technology and emotion and fostering compassionate action beyond empathy and mutual understanding.

Cathline Smoos (FR)

Cathline Smoos, the Love-Tech Artist, holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology of Intercultural Health. She ventures into the intangible using virtual reality, NFTs and augmented reality to unlock the realms of erotic imagination.

ESPRONCEDA–Institute of Art & Culture

ESPRONCEDA wurde 2013 in Barcelona gegründet, um eine innovative Plattform für künstlerische und kulturelle Forschung zu schaffen, die sozialen Einfluss und Wandel bewirkt. ESPRONCEDA ist eine Forschungs- und Kreativplattform für zeitgenössische und neue Medienkunst, Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kulturvermittlung.