Expanding Models of Creative Production–(Re)Framing: A Manifesto for Creative Producing / Lizzie Crouch (GB), Nicholas Medvescek (US), Photo showing (left to right): Lizzie Crouch, Nicholas Medvescek Photo: vog.photo

Expanding Models of Creative Production–(Re)Framing: A Manifesto for Creative Producing

Lizzie Crouch (GB), Nicholas Medvescek (US)

Fri 8. Sep 2023 11:00 – 12:30

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The Manifesto for Creative Producing was published with an invitation: We invite you to take these words and do with them what you will. Find yourself in them, critique them, manifest them, take them into your communities and explore them in different contexts. Far from being fixed proclamations, they invite dialogue—and we welcome and seek further discourse.

This workshop is a realization of this invitation. Join the original cohort in this interactive workshop where we invite you to bring your contexts, experiences and knowledges to critique and extend The Manifesto as we move towards a collective understanding of creative producing and its impact. This workshop aims to empower participants to question their creative practices and establish connections within a growing global network of creative producers.

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Photo: Nicholas Medvescek

Nicholas Medvescek (US)

Nicholas Medvescek (US) is a creative producer crafting resilient practices to meet the future of art, technology and society. He has led projects for MIT Hacking Arts, A R E A Gallery and the Harvard ArtLab. A co-creator of the Creative Producers Program for Ars Electronica, he continues to advance creative production research and practice through the Partnership for Creative Producing. He currently enables impossible creations as part of Masary Studios and teaches at Emerson College in Boston.

Photo: Lizzie Crouch

Lizzie Crouch (GB)

Lizzie Crouch (she/her) (GB) is a creative producer working at the intersection of arts, sciences and technology. She has produced seasons for the Science Gallery network, was the Senior Coordinator of Engagement for SensiLab, Monash University, and has worked for diverse organizations from Superflux to the Francis Crick Institute. Her current focus is research into creative production through the Partnership for Creative Producing and her PhD at UNSW Sydney’s School of Art and Design.

Photo: Christiana Kazakou

Christiana Kazakou (GB)

Photo: Ravin Raori

Ravin Raori (GB)

Photo: Zeynep Birsel

Zeynep Birsel (NL)

Photo: Andrew Kelly

Mark Bolotin (AU)

Photo: Viviana Quea

Viviana Quea (AT)

Photo: Maria Kuzmina

Maria Kuzmina (RU)

Photo: Robin Reid

Robin Reid (US)