Multi-Node Shell / Luca Pagan (IT) presented by Umanesimo Artificiale (IT), credit:

Multi-Node Shell

Luca Pagan (IT) presented by Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

Multi-Node Shell is a performance by Luca Pagan and presented by Umanesimo Artificiale, which utilizes biosensors to explore sound potential as a language through body movement perception. Neural networks process sensor data, serving a dual role: teaching the machine expressive body-sound associations and recognizing behavioral states affecting software and sound. When encountering new gestures, distinct from previous training, the software produces unexpected sound results, rendering the machine “creative” in its own right.

Luca Pagan (IT)

Luca Pagan, born in 1993 in Venice, is a sound artist, performer and independent researcher. His work delves into the connection between humans and technology, examining music’s expressive and communicative aspects. Through performances, he explores the interplay of physical movement, sound and environment. Luca’s innovative approach involves creating wearable technology and utilizing biotechnology to capture performance expressiveness, emphasizing machine learning techniques.