Photo: Gregor Tatschl

The myth of tech innovation as a savior

Aina Abiodun (CA)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Fri 8. Sep 2023 16:35 – 16:55

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As a storyteller who transitioned into the world of climate tech and finance, Aina Abiodun sees the prevailing narratives around climate solutions as limiting and inadequate to meet the biggest existential challenge humans have faced. Her talk challenges the dominant, Western patriarchal mindset that drives climate innovation and calls for rethinking the systems and myths around our planetary “problems” and solutions.

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Photo: Camila Berrio

Aina Abiodun (CA)

Aina Abiodun is a climate leader, filmmaker and serial entrepreneur, notably the first Black woman to lead a venture-backed tech company in Germany. Over the past decade, Aina has worked across Europe and North America on some of the world’s most recognizable brands including Meta, Merck, Logitech, Novartis and the Obama Foundation, launching and scaling innovative products around the globe. She is an outspoken practitioner and advocate of just leadership in the climate transition.