The Next Renaissance Platform: Call for Artists / Charles Landry (DE/GB), @POSTCITY, Lecture Stage Photo showing: Charles Landry Photo: tom mesic

The Next Renaissance Platform: Call for Artists

Charles Landry (DE/GB)

POSTCITY, Lecture Stage
Fri 8. Sep 2023 11:50 – 12:00

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The Next Renaissance is a flagship initiative of the newly founded EIT Culture & Creativity. Our aim for the Next Renaissance platform is to promote the need to dramatically reassess our ethics, values and priorities in addressing the major problems of our times. Our belief is that the creative and cultural sectors, and especially blending scientific, technological, cultural and artistic knowledge, can be a catalytic driver to both imagine possible futures as well as to help make them happen. Our intention is develop a global movement that sees this task as common sense and urgent. It argues for a paradigm shift in how we think, plan and act. This can create a ‘rebirth’ and ‘renewal’.

Our timetable involves substantial preparatory work in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024. This will have established a more precise action plan for 2024 and beyond. It needs to ensure that a series of major interventions occur in 2024 as well as a range smaller ones from pop-ups to promoting the Next Renaissance by hooking up with other events. We would like to invite you to the EIT Culture & Creativity The Next Renaissance Artist Call. Various topics will be addressed, such as: Humanity in a highly computational culture.

Photo: Charles Landry

Charles Landry (DE/GB)

Charles Landry is the inventor of the Creative Bureaucracy concept and co-founder of the Festival in Berlin as well as the Creative City concept. He wrote a  a series of nine short books including The Creative Bureaucracy; Psychology & the City,; The Digitized City: Influence & Impact; Cities of Ambition. See Charles helps cities assess their potential afresh. He sees himself as a ‘critical friend’ to the cities he works with. He seeks to inspire, stimulate, challenge and facilitate. He combines a global perspective with an acute sense of what matters locally. He grounds ideas in practical projects.