K.I. – Kasperl Interveniert / Andreas Pfaffenberger, Photo: tom mesic

A.I. A Punch Intervenes

Andreas Pfaffenberger

An anarchic wicked puppet show for adults with Puppetficial intelligence.

Is Artificial Intelligence truly “intelligent”?
Can a non-living thing – like a machine – become conscious? Or are these just our own projections?
Could something “artificially” created even begin to think on its own, become creative, even develop an imagination?
And most importantly: just how would this happen?
A presentation about A.I. escalates when someone quite unexpected intervenes: Punch.
Just like a Chatbot, Punch is not actually alive, and yet we are all too willing to believe he is a living, conscious counterpart.
Both a Chatbot and Punch don’t care if what they are “saying” is right or wrong, the truth, or a lie. To a Chatbot, these “human” categories are irrelevant; he/she/it simply churns out the text, the kind which Punch masters anyway – anarchic, wild, with little or no consideration.
Whether Puppetficial or Artificial Intelligence, in the end it is up to us to do whatever we want to do with the content we are confronted with.


Puppets by Mika Bangemann & Andreas Pfaffenberger
Presented in collaboration with the Johannes Kepler University and the Circus of Knowledge