The Quest for Cosmic Truth / Dan Tell (US), Photo: Dan Tell

The Quest for Cosmic Truth

Dan Tell (US)

Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K
Fri 8. Sep 2023 11:30 – 12:30

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Since ancient times humans have observed the world around us and sought to understand our place in the larger Cosmos. Observers, philosophers, mathematicians and scientists have sought to model our universe to understand it. Each time a model was adopted, it stood as accepted truth—until a new discovery shattered that truth. As human ability to explore and discover has expanded beyond the limits of our senses we have discovered a universe that is greater and stranger than our ancestors ever imagined. Plumbing its smallest building blocks and origins, we also discover it is built on a foundation of uncertainty and instability. The last century has brought unprecedented discoveries and changes to our models of the universe, but also exposed new mysteries we know we cannot yet solve. We must ask ourselves if the deepest truths of our cosmos are even knowable at all. In short, The Quest for Cosmic Truth.

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Dan Tell, California Academy of Sciences
Particle design by Particle Zoo

Dan Tell (US)

Dan Tell is the Manager of Planetarium Engineering at the California Academy of Sciences. His work specializes in visualizing scientific data and working with researchers to explore their data in planetariums and other immersive venues. His passion to bring new experiences to audiences includes trekking through terrain data from other planets, visualizing concepts from the history of science and astronomy, and exploring the microcosm from tardigrades and face mites down to particle physics.