Radiant Garden / Sylva Ježková (CZ), Photo: Holunder Heiß

Radiant Garden

Sylva Ježková (CZ)

Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K
Wed 6. Sep 2023 15:00 – 16:00

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The topic is having a relaxing, fun experience growing a glowing garden.

Radiant Garden is an interactive projection with colorful, radiant assets contrasting with a black background. It is inspired by the way bees view colors. Upon entering the floor projection, a randomly generated flower bud is assigned to the player. There are floating water droplets and crawling red bugs. The flower blooms when collecting water droplets and withers when caught by a bug. After blooming fully, the flower is transferred to the wall projection and the player gets a new bud. Occasionally, a doe visits the garden.

There is no higher context, just getting immersed into the experience.

Please note: Limited capacity, registration required – in addition to a valid ticket, you need a (free) ticket reservation for the respective event in advance. Reservations for Deep Space 8K events must be scanned on-site no later than 15min before the programme starts.


Sound: Jana Ježková
Unity plugin: Axel Bräuer

Sylva Ježková (CZ)

Solo indie game developer focusing on personal aesthetic vision