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STWST48X9 COLD HEAVEN – 48 Hours of Immersive Trash

Stadtwerkstatt (AT)

Start Date – 12:0:00 AM

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With COLD HEAVEN, Stadtwerkstatt is hosting its 9th edition of the annual 48-hour nonstop showcase extravaganza STWST48 in September 2023.

Up in the sky float the cold systems of surveillance capitalism and there also lives the Anti-God with his Large Language models. We mean, in the last summer before the total cloud: In the end was the word! 

Down on earth we sink in trash, dive into the wasteland of the delimited real pollution. We believe: These are the actual immersive experiences of the future. 

In between, the new coexistence of man and machine manifests itself, in hypernature, speculation, in search of real feelings, actual entropy and devastating algorithms. We say: Human adapts to the tool! 

In the midst of this social reality, Stadtwerkstatt positions itself with STWST48x9 COLD HEAVEN. 48 Hours of Immersive Trash between cool criticism and cold resistance, between minus art and meltdown, between immersion in trash and imagination as material. STWST nevertheless refuses to work off these themes and instead, and in addition, hosts a continuous Bloodproof of Life. 

Also in 2023, STWST48x9 COLD HEAVEN means forty-eight hours of genre-free art and critical production in the house’s anti-white cube. STWST presents around 20 artistic positions in exhibitions, performances, discourse, and two days of Nightline – asking the question no one else dares to ask: AI, tell me what you want me to want! 

Start: Friday, 8 September, 2023, 18:00.
End: Sunday, 10 September, 2023, 18:00. 


Stadtwerkstatt / STWST (AT): The STWST has existed since 1979 and is the first autonomous art and culture house in Linz. From the very beginning, the STWST has been associated with a self-image of initiative, activism, subculture and, not least, with a practice of art contexts that are constantly being redefined. In the context of new media and media art, the site has a history of relevant projects since the 1980s. Today, the Stadtwerkstatt works in the fields of new art contexts, operates media including the newspaper Versorgerin, the music club as well as Cafe Strom. Between art, media, criticism, music, underground and the mixed spheres of the house, activities are formed that are comprehensive, interdisciplinary and motivated by artistic, cultural, technological and socially relevant intentions.