Tulpenmania / Domum / Rebecca Merlic (HR/DE/AT), Photo: tom mesic

Tulpenmania / Domum

Rebecca Merlic (HR/DE/AT)

Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K
Sun 10. Sep 2023 12:00 – 12:30

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The Tulpenmania/Domum live gaming performance is a journey into the digital worlds and soundscapes created by Rebecca Merlic and sound artist Manuel Riegler, featuring a prototype game about digital identities that exist in a future after the point of no return. Throughout the performance the audience is taken on a journey, exploring the possibilities of body data implementation and its influences on our collective body, while confronting questions on how digital transformation affects physical reality. By combining sound production with live gaming, it evokes a ship voyage of exploring the Dutch countryside of tulips, feathered and flamed by benign viruses, as relics of a past time, once planted by human bodies, corrupted swamps, invading floods and the rural Japanese landscape of Domum.

Rebecca Merlic explores the possibilities of body data implementation to create reimagined digital nature, fog and rising sea levels influenced by her real time data.

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Language: English


Programming: Vivien Schreiber, Oliver Rudoll
Sound design: Manuel Riegler
Special thanks to Martina Menegon for contributing body data.
V2-Lab for unstable media / Realities in Transition residencies 2023. Realities in Transition is co-funded by the European Union. This project aims to explore and support “alternative” XR creation and to experiment and promote new narratives and creative processes.
Realities in Transition consists of Seconde Nature (FR), L.E.V. (ES), KONTEJNER (HR), Ars Electronica (AT), Dark Euphoria (FR), V2-Lab (NL) and iMal (BE).

Domum was commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo in collaboration with Studio Kura in Itoshima.

Rebecca Merlic (HR/DE/AT)

Rebecca Merlic *1989 (HR/AT/DE) is a European digital artist and architect, experimental filmmaker and university assistant in the core team of Experimental Game Cultures at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her work is strongly influenced by alternative ways of society and transgression in socioeconomic conventions as well as new forms of artistic and architectural production employing new technologies. She is the holder of the Marianne von Willemer Prize 2020 for digital media