What can humans do against misinformation? / Nina Jankowicz (US), Marta Peirano (ES), Photo showing: Nina Jankowicz (left), Marta Peirano (right) @POSTCITY Photo: philipp greindl

What can humans do against misinformation?

Nina Jankowicz (US), Marta Peirano (ES)

POSTCITY, Conference Hall
Sat 9. Sep 2023 14:30 – 15:05

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An expert on misinformation, Nina Jankowicz offers valuable strategies to counter false information. In a fireside chat with Marta Peirano, journalist and researcher specialising in the relationship between technology and power, Nina will discuss not only how people can respond to misinformation and disinformation on a personal level, but also the roles of governments, tech companies, and community engagement in addressing misinformation. How can we promote a proactive approach involving informed citizenship to create a more accurate and reliable information environment? What can we do to prepare ourselves for a future where these problems will consist?

Panel discussion


Nina Jankowicz (US)
Marta Peirano (ES)

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Nina Jankowicz (US)

Nina Jankowicz is an internationally-recognized expert on disinformation and democratization and the author of two books: How to Lose the Information War and How to Be A Woman Online. Currently the Vice President at the UK-based Centre for Information Resilience, a non-profit focused on countering disinformation, Jankowicz has advised governments, international organizations and tech companies, and testified before the US Congress, UK Parliament and European Parliament.

Photo: Alvaro Minguito, 2020

Marta Peirano (ES)

Marta Peirano is a Spanish journalist, curator, and writer specialized in technology and power. She is a columnist at El País and RNE (Spanish National Radio). Her book “El enemigo conoce el sistema” was New York Times’ best Spanish essay of 2019. Her latest book, “Contra el futuro,” is a critical analysis of technologies for managing and mitigating the climate crisis.