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2023 Ars Electronica Festival

The theme of this year’s media art festival aims directly at key disputed topics of our time: truth and ownership, interpretive authority and sovereignty. Can truth be owned? Is there a right to truth and if it does belong to someone, what control and responsibility are associated with it?

Linz, Austria
September 6 – 10, 2023

Discover the interdisciplinary festival of the future!

Deep Space 8K: Uniview / Zeiss, Photo: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

At the Ars Electronica Festival, science meets art and art meets science. A wide variety of truths from the most diverse fields come together here to form an inspiring and, above all, international mosaic. This diversity of perspectives is sure to open up new perspectives, show you different ways of thinking and enrich your own perception of the world.

Broaden your horizons!

The Transparency Of Randomness / Vera Tolazzi (AT), Mathias Gartner (AT), Photo: Florian Voggeneder

For five days, the Ars Electronica Festival functions as an international platform for exchange. Join the discussion about innovation for the 21st century!

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Research and combine!

Man-Machine Music / Ali Nikrang (AT), Cori O’Lan (AT), F.X.Frenzel Quartett: Lui Chan (AT), Johanna Bohnen (AT), Laura Maria Jungwirth (AT), Lia Vielhaber (AT), Foto: Florian Voggeneder

First, the work:
Conferences, Lectures, Talks

POSTCITY Conference Hall, Photo: Florian Voggeneder

Then the fun:
Events, Concerts, Nightline

Ars Electronica Nightline, Photo: Florian Voggeneder

Tickets available now!

Are you looking for new ideas, collaborations and people to talk to? Take the time to be inspired and visit the Ars Electronica Festival – for a day or longer. We’ve got just the ticket for you!

A university for the future

The challenges of the Antropocene require interdisciplinary approaches to solutions based on creativity and co-creation. With the FOUNDING LAB, the Institute of Digital Science Austria and Ars Electronica want to incorporate such strategies into the shaping and operation of a pioneering university.

Festival for Art, Technology and Society

The Plant Intelligence Plan / Tianyi Zhang (CN), Photo: The Plant Intelligence Plan

We are looking forward to your visit!

Ars Electronica Festival
Linz, Austria
September 6 – 10, 2023