From September 6 to 10 2023, Ars Electronica once again invites artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and activists from all over the world to Linz. The question focused on by Europe’s largest festival for art, technology and society is: “Who Owns the Truth?” The central location is—again—the legendary POSTCITY, in which the festival was already able to guest-host from 2015 to 2019.


The POSTCITY is large, spectacular, and lies in the city center.

Photo: tom mesic

Once again in POSTCITY

With 80,000 square meters usable space spread over several levels, a 4,000-meter long parcel distribution facility, a storage unit for 10,000 packages, an entire battery of 12-meter high spiral chutes, and a rail track hall that is around 240 meters long made for both incoming and outgoing railways, the post distribution center that was abandoned in 2014 offers almost limitless opportunities for artistic stagings by Ars Electronica.

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A robot and a humanoid being talk to each other

Who Owns the Truth?

The theme of Ars Electronica in 2023, this year formulated as a question, aims directly at key disputed topics of our time: truth and ownership, interpretive authority and sovereignty. Can truth be owned? Is there a right to truth and if it does belong to someone, what control and responsibility are associated with it?

POSTCITY will be the central and southernmost location of a festival mile that will run along the Landstraße through the center of Linz. The Mariendom in the Domviertel, the Tabakfabrik, the Art University at Hauptplatz, the LENTOS Art Museum on the Danube, the Salzamt Atelierhaus, the Anton Bruckner Private University at the foot of Pöstlingberg, as well as the Stadtwerkstatt and the Ars Electronica Center on the northern bank of the Danube will be played at.

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2018: The Berlioz Project / Brucknerorchester Linz (AT), SILK Fluegge (AT), Silke Grabinger (AT), Gergely Dudás (HU), Elias Choi Buttinger (AT), Ursula Neugebauer (DE), KUKA GmbH (DE), Wacker Neuson (AT), Johannes Braumann (AT), Peter Freudling (AT), Cori O´Lan, Photo: tom mesic

Festival Partner

The Ars Electronica Festival 2023 is funded by the City of Linz, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sports, as well as the state of Upper Austria, and numerous sponsors and partner institutions.

At all these locations, exhibitions, concerts, performances, screenings, lectures, and conferences will be on display, designed and brought to Linz by artists and institutions from all over the world. Numerous cooperation partners from art and culture, science and research, as well as business and industry are already involved.

Exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances, interventions

Ars Electronica has accompanied the ongoing digitalization of our lives since 1979. It poses questions about the political, social, ecological, and economic consequences, and speculates on the future forms that technological progress will take. Embedded in a worldwide network of artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and activists, Ars Electronica constantly advances this research – both within and together with the widest possible public. Whether with exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances, or interventions – the goal has always been to push forward a discourse and promote inclusive and sustainable visions of the future.

We look forward to your visit at the Ars Electronica Festival!

September 6 – 10, 2023
Linz, Austria