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We experiment, develop and tell stories with technology. The first part of Ars Electronica's 2022 Year in Review shows how.

Strolling Between the Disciplines

The JKU campus as a place of encounter and as a place for projects that can only be discovered by strolling through the park and looking attentively into the air. JKU LIT @ Ars Electronica as well as the Garden Exhibition in Kepler's Garden on the JKU Campus feature playful projects that combine various disciplines.

Manuela Macedonia: Ten Years "Brain For All" In Special Times

What does sport have to do with the brain and what percentage of our brain do we really use? These and similar questions have been addressed by Dr. Manuela Macedonia for 10 years now in her lecture series "Brain for All" at the Ars Electronica Center. Today she's celebrating her premiere at Ars Electronica Home Delivery.

The power of thought: Interview with Christoph Guger

With an EEG hood on your head, a BCI, you can control a drone, drive an excavator or operate a fire engine. Or the system can be used for the rehabilitation of stroke patients and for working with coma patients, as Christoph Guger, founder and managing director of g.tec, explains.

Innovative Help after a Stroke: Bugfix the Brain

Therapy that makes progress even years after a stroke, improved motor functions, and high-tech aids for everyday life—an Upper Austrian firm named g.tec makes it happen. To find out why g.tec’s technologies produce such impressive results and how to try them out at the Ars Electronica Festival September 6-10, 2018, read this interview!

Brains for Everybody: Through the Internet via the Power of the Mind

The “Brains for Everybody” series of talks at the Ars Electronica Center provides periodic briefings on the latest findings in brain research and methods used in that field. In a special edition, Dr. Selina Wriessnegger explained what brain-computer interfaces are, how they’re used, and what the internet has to do with them. She puts it in a nutshell in this interview.

Anatomy for All

Modern imaging procedures used in the medical field today provide fascinating insights into what goes on inside a human being. Dr. Franz Fellner of Linz General Hospital recently talked to us about the possibilities created by visualizations in Deep Space.

Dr. Manuela Macedonia about Knowledge Transfer

There's a lot of things to learn from Neuroscience. Dr. Manuela Macedonia talks about the impact that findings from this field can have on a lot of other disciplines and why the knowledge transfer is not always easy. Macedonia will be having her last "Brain For Everybody" - Talk for 2012 on November 15 at 6:30 PM at the Ars Electronica Center, the topic being "Speech Disorders".

Dr. Manuela Macedonia im Interview

Dr. Manuela Macedonia ist regelmäßig als Vortragende im Ars Electronica Center und ist verantwortlich für die Reihe "Gehirn für Alle". Wie sie zu dem Thema gekommen ist, was in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten zu sehen sein wird, verrät sie im Interview.

Pictures right out of your head

Favorites: Brain Computer Interface