Digital Incubator | Stage I

The first incubation stage took place between April-June 2022 and was dedicated to refining the initial pilot projects.

Three two-day workshops on digital revenue models for online, hybrid cultural products and services, audience analysis and engagement were the backbone of the programme. Selected digital solutions providers held sessions that set the basis for knowledge exchange and cross-sector collaborations, and collective mentorship and peer-to-peer sessions created a learning environment in which museums could learn from other pilots, test assumptions and ideas, and redefine the scope of their pilot.

Participating Institutions


St Ives Museum with Cornwall Museums Partnership

Responsive E-Ink Adaptive Displays (READ)

St Ives Museum is located in the heart of the old St Ives fishing community.  This unique museum contains many varied collections relating to the life and times of St Ives and Cornwall. From the fishing and maritime history to the mining and farming landscape we hold a wide variety of objects, artworks and other archive materials.


Castello D’Albertis Museum of World Cultures

New Paths for Custom Routes

Offering an extraordinary viewpoint over Genova, Castello D’Albertis is a neo-Gothic residence of the end of the 19th century on ancient fortifications by Enrico d’Albertis (1846-1932), donated to the city together with his archaeological, ethnographic and photographic collections. In the 16th century bastion, new exhibition space was created for a renewed gaze on world cultures, with an amazing exhibition design of the further acquisitions from Africa, America and Oceania.


Muzeon – Storytelling Jewish History Museum

Advanced Digitalisation at Muzeon

Muzeon is an innovative and interactive museum that was inspired by the concept of storytelling. Muzeon is not a traditional museum, but a space dedicated to the exploration of personal, real-life stories rather than exhibits. The main exhibits are three different audio stories, while the objects on display serve more as a visual aid. It is a single museum that provides three distinct experiences.


Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve

Digital Accessibility Hub

CCVAlg is a private non-profit association whose mission is education for scientific knowledge and scientific and technological dissemination, through the development and promotion of actions that stimulate interest in scientific and technological culture among the population and among the youth community. It is an interactive museum of science and technology and has 25 years of experience working with the public through hands-on experiments, thanks to a dedicated and professional team.


Archaeological Museum in Zagreb


The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb started its work in 1846 as a part of the National Museum, the oldest museum institution in Zagreb. Since 1940 the Museum has been working independently and since 1945 it has been located in the Vranyczany-Hafner Palace in Zrinski Square. The Museum’s holdings number over 450,000 artefacts from different sources, such as the Vučedol Dove, Lumbarda Psephisma, Young Girl Roman portrait from Salona, Branimir inscription, Zagreb Mummy, Liber linteus Zagrabiensis, Greek vases.


Timisoara National Museum of Art

MNArT Access

The collections of the Timisoara National Museum of Art reveal the formation of the cultural heritage of Banat over 200 years through the confluence of the post-Byzantine tradition in the Balkans and the innovative language of European art brought to the region by the Catholic Reformation. Also, the MNArT collections uniquely combine classical art with avant-garde experimental art through an organic relationship with the most important themes and stylistics of Western Europe in the twentieth century.


Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI)

RadioMoLI: Archive of Tomorrow

Established in September 2019, the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) is a landmark cultural institution in the heart of Dublin which celebrates Ireland’s rich literary heritage while also championing the vibrant talent of the present. We have a distinct, digital vision for our legacy within the collection and distribution of Irish literature, a goal which is supported by our programme partner Ebow – the Digital Agency.


Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich

Designs that keep you warm – a digital fireplace with stylish stove tiles

The Museumsmanagement Niederösterreich offers museum specific consultations and provides a connected collection database for regional museums. The Museumsmanagement hosts the online DIPkatalog and works together with local museums on the digitalization and presentation of Lower Austrian collections. In cooperation with the Kaiser Franz Josef Museum Baden, it aims to create innovative access to the online catalogue for visitors and scientists and to connect the stove tiles collection with other museums.


Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum

Innovation in Audience Analysis and Engagement in the Estonian War Museum

The Museum of the Estonian War of Independence was established in 1919 and restored in 2001 under the name of the Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum. According to the museum’s statutes, its tasks include locating, collecting, preserving, researching and disseminating objects and materials related to Estonian military history. The exhibition tells stories about wars fought in Estonia, the service of the Estonian people in the militaries of other countries and wars fought elsewhere in the world with the participation of the Estonian people.


Regional Museum Goriški muzej

Awakening memories – leaving traces

The Regional Museum Goriški Muzej is a provincial museum with a general character. It operates in the historical Goriška region, specifically the part now belonging to the Republic of Slovenia. Due to its position near the border, the museum also cooperates, with the Slovenian minority in Italy through individual projects. The museum regularly collaborates with other related Italian cultural institutions in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and develops other international cooperation with museums in neighbouring countries.


Barbur Gallery


An independent nonprofit space for art and artists, to raise a platform for critical debate that deals with social issues while developing projects with the local communities. The exhibitions held in Barbur are aimed at promoting young and mature artists and artists’ projects, looking for works that we find interesting and important and were not given the attention or exposure by the art scene in Israel.


Hotel and Restaurant Museum


Hotel and Restaurant Museum is specialised in food and drink culture and is located in Helsinki.


Sociedad Cientifica El Museo Canario

Open Doors to the Past

The Museum of the Canary Islands is an institution that conserves, researches and divulges the historical and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands. It was founded in 1879 and it hosts a unique archaeology collection about the ancient inhabitants of the islands prior to the European arrival, a wide library and an archive, representing one of the earliest tourist attractions of the islands.


The National Museum of Maps and Old Books

Hands on the map! @ Maps Museum

The Museum of Maps and Old Books is a small and active museum, with a unique collection of maps and graphic art dating from the 16th to the 20th century. The museum aims to be a relevant institution for the public, promoting research, interactivity, lifelong learning, creative engagement and inclusion. It is a place destined for learning experiences held in an experimental creative museum space.


Center for Space Technologies Herman Potocnik Noordung

Noordung VR Observatory Experience

Center Noordung is a public agency under the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. Our main mission is to research, collect, display, and communicate the knowledge of space and space technologies to the public in a way that sensibly connects and intertwines science, economy, tourism, and art. Our services include the development, installation, and marketing of space content in the form of art exhibitions, exhibitions of items and multimedia interactive applications.


Computer History Museum of Slovenia (Računalniški muzej)

Ctrl+Shift+Esc | Digital Museum Escape Game

Computer History Museum (Računalniki muzej) in Slovenia is a non-profit organization collecting, researching and exhibiting the history of information technology and society. We manage a growing collection of 6500+ items: computers, software, publications,.. with a special focus on Slovene authors, distribution and language. We aim to preserve the history of our digital age and at the same time present it to the audience in an engaging highly interactive manner.


Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)

Digitalization of Ankara Orchard House for Future

Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM) supports high-quality research on Ankara and its environs since 1994. VEKAM maintains an extensive library and archive which specializes in the history and culture of Ankara. The Ankara Orchard House, which is registered as the second-degree cultural heritage, and an institutional member of ICOM, also operates at VEKAM campus. The House was restored and opened to the public in 2007 as an important part of the identity of Ankara with its both orchard tradition and vernacular architecture.


Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture under the Directorate of Vilnius memorial museums

Wooden architecture hub

Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture is a cultural organization that seeks to promote the preservation and maintenance of the wooden architectural heritage in Vilnius and increase the popularity of wooden urban architecture as an integral part of the modern city as well as an ecological, sustainable, and healthy living environment. MUWA team is working on a wide range of activities, connected to sustainability and reuse, promotion of restoration and consultations.


Old Observatory Leiden, Leiden University

Innovating Audience Engagement through Scientific NFTs

The Old Observatory Leiden is the oldest university observatory in the world. The Old Observatory Leiden is a hub of history, culture, education, art and public engagement with astronomy. The Old Observatory Leiden offers unique tours to century-old historical telescopes and through our art-science exhibitions. Public events and activities celebrating astronomy and society are also organised for the local Leiden community.


Regional Library of Žilina

Development of the content marketing in the Regional library of Žilina

Regional Library in Žilina is a cultural, informational and educational institution. Through its activities, Regional Library in Žilina promotes the formation of personal, national, cultural and spiritual identity of citizens We do not only lend books, in the year 2019 we organized more than 1 000 events for close to 21 000 visitors. As a public library, we also serve as a community hub.


The Emigration Museum in Gdynia

Share Your Story with Emigration Museum in Gdynia | Interactive tool

The Emigration Museum is a museum located in the city of Gdynia, Poland. Opened to the public on 16 May 2015, it showcases 200 years of Polish emigration, from the 19th century to the modern days. It is located in the former Maritime Station, which from the 1930s until 1979 was a transit building from which thousands of Polish emigrants left for their new homelands. The Museum is engaged in research and educational activities devoted to the history of Polish emigration to all continents. It collects resources related to these topics. Within the Emigrant’s Archive project Museum collects and archives accounts of people who left the country in the form of written, audio and film testimonies.


Royal Museum of Mariemont

Customised Expert Coaching for the Digital Transition of the Royal Museum of Mariemont

The Royal Museum of Mariemont is located in a 45 ha domain in southern Belgium and operates under the tutelage of the French Community of Belgium. The museum is in charge of the antiquities, decorative arts, archaeological and historical collections and estate of 19th-century industrialist Raoul Warocqué, all bequeathed to the Belgian state some 100 years ago. The Museum’s mission is to research, share and conserve this important  cultural heritage.


Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology

Virtual Identification Database – VIDA

Founded in 1930 as the Museum of Slovak Karst, it is the oldest speleological institution of the Slovak Republic. Today, it is a national specialized museum, specializing also in the history and future of nature protection, providing enviromental education programmes and interactive exhibitions. The Museum contains the Archive of Nature Protection, National Cave Database, and National Protected Areas Database, and employs more than 20 scientific experts.


Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology

Digital Cave

Founded in 1930 as the Museum of Slovak Karst, it is the oldest speleological institution of the Slovak Republic. Today, it is a national specialized museum, specializing also in the history and future of nature protection, providing enviromental education programmes and interactive exhibitions. The Museum contains the Archive of Nature Protection, National Cave Database, and National Protected Areas Database, and employs more than 20 scientific experts.


Terra Sancta Museum (by Pro Terra Sancta)

Digital Storytelling and Gaming App: THE TSM QUEST!

Located in Jerusalem’s Old City, the Terra Sancta Museum is dedicated to the roots of Christianity and the preservation of the Holy Places. The museum’s mission is to foster intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, telling the stories and history of Jerusalem, which for millennia has been home to the three major monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Pro Terra Sancta is the association in charge of the development and management of all educational activities.


The National Library of Romania

Sound Stories on 78s at the National Library of Romania

The contemporary biography of the National Library of Romania begins in 1955, as an institution created on modern bases, according to the UNESCO standards. Today, we are looking for new ways to promote and capitalize on the cultural heritage and attract new audiences. The Multimedia Department has a sound archive of extraordinary artistic and documentary value, which preserves exceptional performances or voices of great artistic, political and cultural personalities.


University Library UNIZA

Engagement Analysis to Enhance Audience Experience

The University Library of the University of Žilina in Slovakia provides its services not only to university students and employees but also to the public audience. It is an integral part of the community in the region, where it is actively involved in cultural and educational activities. Our academic institution is also active in the field of the popularisation of science. It is reflected in many presentations, exhibitions, competitions and other public events that the library participates in.


Museum of the Working World

Be A Part – encourage engagement in digital education

Austria‘s first museum of labour – the so-called ‚Museum of the Working World‘ (in German ‚Museum Arbeitswelt‘) – was founded in 1987. The mission of the museum is to be a centre of dialogue and discussion about the present and future of our working society. Housed in two listed 19th-century factory buildings, it has developed into an internationally renowned centre for exhibitions, culture and events. The main topics change every year – in 2023 the focus will be on the ‘Future Food’ exhibition. The museum offers cultural education on the pulse of the times and a diverse programme of events. Visitors can explore questions about the past, present and future of the world of work, society and life.


The Association of  Uräjärvi Mansion´s Friends

AR Quest: Urajärvi Mansion

Urajärven kartanon ystävät ry is non-governmental organisation established by local community in 2016 to ensure that the Urajärvi Kartanomuseo (Urajärvi Mansion Museum) remains open to public. We strive to develop museum operations into increasingly diverse. Visitors could choose from thematic guides focusing on different topics and activities, mobile games and online history of the place for individual sightseeing.


Arboretum Volcji Potok

Creating an E-park Guide with Gamification Elements to Boost Visitor Participation

Arboretum Volčji Potok, the most visited horticultural facility in Slovenia, was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 1999. In Arboretum, 85 hectares of ecologically very diversified grounds are occupied by about 2.500 taxa of trees and shrubs. The park is managed by a public non-profit organisation Arboretum Volčji Potok.


IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]

Innovating Audience Engagement with Hybrid Events

IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] is an arts organization based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture in an interdisciplinary context. Throughout the year, IMPAKT organises exhibitions, talks, performances, screenings, webprojects, a residency programme and the 5-day IMPAKT Festival. The upcoming IMPAKT Festival 2022: The Curse of Smooth Operations will take place from 2 – 6 November.


Stiftung Neanderthal Museum

A transferable infrastructure for cooperative digital museum collaboration

Neanderthal Museum tells the story of humankind from its beginnings on the African savannah more than four million years ago up to our present time. With its many interactive offers and installations, the museum in the famous German valley vividly conveys the latest research results from archaeology and palaeoanthropology.


Stiftung Neanderthal Museum

Audience segmentation and user-oriented content

Neanderthal Museum tells the story of humankind from its beginnings on the African savannah more than four million years ago up to our present time. With its many interactive offers and installations, the museum in the famous German valley vividly conveys the latest research results from archaeology and palaeoanthropology.


Turkcell Dialogue Museum

Dialogue Hub

The museum allows the public to gain a deeper insight into different perspectives and realities. By creating alternative communication, we help the public to step outside of their comfort zone and engage and think differently, towards an inclusive society. The experiences allow for a free dialogue.


University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden

3D scanning infrastructure for nature education and remote research

The University of Tartu is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training. Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden is a department with long history, going back to 1803. There are nearly 1,2 million specimens in its collections, the public can access newly renovated exhibitions and educational programs, the museum also offers citizen science activities and fosters citizen science networking in the Baltic region.


Museum of Arts and Crafts

See Art Where Others Don’t

The Museum of Arts and Crafts (MUO), established in 1880, is one of Croatia’s fundamental national cultural institutions. It houses in total over 100 000 items of fine and applied art that date from the 14th to the 21st century and provide insight into the historical changes in styles. The Museum is situated in a representative Neo-Renaissance palace in Zagreb that has been severely damaged by an earthquake in 2020.


Museo Civico di Vignola Augusta Redorici Roffi

The Open Air Museum

The museum houses a collection divided into two routes: a geomineralogical itinerary, which exhibits rocks and minerals found in the Panaro Valley and in the Modena Apennines, and a paleontological path, exhibiting specimens of the various eras found in the bed of the Panaro river. The educational path is completed with a visit to the places of the findings, where it is still possible to find lots of fossils and interesting rocks.


Stadtmuseum Dresden

Your Digital Dresden

The City Museum of Dresden is the central city and local history museum in the Saxon capital of Dresden and is located in the historic country house just a few meters from the Frauenkirche. The permanent exhibition presents over 1,000 exhibits in three halls. More than 20 media stations and many museum educational offers create different opportunities to deal with 800 years of Dresden history. Numerous film installations and a small cinema show how the city has changed over the past century.


Alonissos Museum K.& A. Mavriki

DigiSmALL: Digital Curator for Small Museums

The Alonissos Museum K. & A. Mavriki, run by its Association of Friends, is a private, not-for-profit museum on the island of Alonissos, Greece. Its archaeological collections include mainly finds from underwater research, such as amphoras, stone anchors etc. Its ethnographic collections include garments, tools and utensils. Its maritime collections include objects and weapons-related to piracy and the maritime activity in the Aegean. Finally, the museum hosts manuscripts and an old books’ collection, documenting local history.