Otto Naderer

Key Researcher


“If only application-oriented research had always been carried out, we would today have an incredible variety and sophistication of candles, but no electricity.”

by Anton Zeilinger


As Key Researcher on Algorithmic Apperception Otto Naderer realizes projects with an emphasis on enabling machines’ sense and interpreting their surroundings. He has developed Pharus, a versatile laser tracking system which is also used in the Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K, where Otto also tutors classes for universities. He enjoys working on projects with challenging sensory tasks and automation.

Otto joined Ars Electronica Futurelab’s Creative Engineering team in 2006 after an internship during his bachelor’s program in computer science. He later became part of the Research & Innovation Group where he worked on large-scale tracking systems within the CADET research program. Otto holds a master’s degree in Pervasive Computing & Software Engineering.

Additional Information


Crowd Tracking and Movement Pattern Recognition – Master Thesis