Open City @ Matsudo City International Science Art Festival

From October 16th to 17th 2021, the International Science Art Festival in Matsudo, Japan, took place for the fourth time, on the theme of “OPEN CITY – Inspirational City”. Numerous exhibitions and workshops by Japanese and international artists have been curated in close collaboration with Ars Electronica.

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Matsudo International Science Art Festival is an annual festival held in Matsudo City, Japan. Innovative artists, scientists, and researchers from around the world come together to present their latest projects at the event. The festival aims to connect art, science, and nature, and is held in the historic architecture and landscape of Tojo-tei, and Tojogaoka Historical Park.

The theme of the 2021 event, “Open City”, goes beyond open studios, open campuses, and open labs to present works and programs that reflect on the power of individual change, innovations born from bottom-up activities around the world, and harmony with nature and the entire planet. The festival aims to create an ecosystem where people can connect and inspire each other to take on new challenges.


Ars Electronica Futurelab: Yoko Shimizu, Kyoko Kunoh, Hideaki Ogawa
Maaya Makino
International Science Art Festival, Matsudo

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