Die Kunst der Verwandlung

Poetic Systems

We live in a world of systems. We humans are a system in ourselves and live in symbiosis with many natural systems. In addition, we have created and continue to create many artificial systems that elude the sensory perception of us humans. They elude us because we humans lack the sensory perception for them or because these systems and their interrelationships of meaning are no longer comprehensible to the individual human being.

How can these technical, political, information, software and mobility systems surrounding us be transformed into a form that we humans can perceive?

The answer is art. The transformation of levels of knowledge, cognition and perception into poetic levels of meaning has always been a central theme in art—it is thus possible to make the invisible visible, the intangible tangible, to encode and decode meanings. With the means of art and artistic research, knowledge is generated—in this way, the components of systems are made comprehensible on an emotional and cognitive level. Art and its means of expression enable us to experience the interrelationships of meaning of the natural and artificial systems surrounding us, for us and our society. Artistic works—Poetic Systems—transform systems not accessible to us into a new level of meaning. They speak a sensual-emotional language and create them through their immediate, aesthetic appearance: free space.

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In the context of art and architecture / art in public space, the research and work field of Poetic Systems offers new strategies and ways of thinking that enable an epistemic transformation. Transformation is always an interplay between deconstruction and construction. Deconstruction in the searching, researching and analyzing sense; construction in the sense of the creative act, creation in all its conceivable and feasible forms. Poetic Systems tries to regain the lost balance between nature and technology and looks for possibilities with the means of art to make technology positively usable for us as a society and for our environment.

The search for the poetic moment within the diversity of systems surrounding us human beings holds the possibility of unique perspectives that have great creative potential, which allows artistic work to emerge in the field between art, technology and society.

Photos from top left to bottom right: Ramsy Gsenger | Otto Saxinger | Otto Saxinger