ONLINE GALLERY - 360° Garden View

This an online panorama gallery showcasing nearly 20 sights in our campus. NTHU has plenty of lakes and forests which constitute a big and beautiful garden. NTHU has a wide range of academic fields, converging creativities in science, technology, humanity and art.

Join our VR guided tours to Leonardo da Vinci's studio

Explore Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, see artefacts from his time that capture some of the doubts we assume he had about his life and work, and learn about the concept of "doubt" during the renaissance.

Team Members: Clara Roth, Robbie Ierubino, Peter Sauleda, Maria Kallionpää, Kathi Schulz

Harmony fosters an inclusive atmosphere among strangers, reframing the concepts around co-creation and collaboration. Co-composing can be intimidating at times, as there is pressure to perform.

[Un]seen Sacred Spaces
Team Members: Asma Aiad, Parisa Ayati, Rebecca Merlic, Ines Mahmoud, Mateja Rot

Anhand von drei Sakralräumen in Österreich wollen wir ein Beispiel für verschiedene Gemeinschaften setzen und deren Anliegen sichtbar machen. Viele Gebäude, sehen von aussen lediglich wie ein normales Haus aus. Trotz ihrer Unsichtbarkeit sind sie Teil der Stadt. Ihre (Un-)Sichtbarkeit sagt viel über die soziale Integration in unserer Gesellschaft aus.

Creative Harmony
Julien Lomet (FR), Bastien Daniel (FR), Timothée Durgeaud (FR), Johan Julien (FR), Pierre Huyghe (FR), Ronan Gaugne (FR), Valérie Gouranton (FR), Joël Laurent (FR), Bruno Bossis (FR)

Creative Harmony ist ein vernetztes Virtual-Reality-Kunstprojekt, das ZuschauerInnen aus verschiedenen Städten dazu einlädt, durch Gesten eine virtuelle Umgebung in Echtzeit mitzugestalten. Mit Motion Capture werden TeilnehmerInnen dazu angeleitet, eine Meereslandschaft zu schaffen, um so eine Verbindung zur Natur zu finden. Durch Loslassen, Musik und virtuelle TänzerInnen können die ZuschauerInnen sich mit ihren Körpern ausdrücken und sich miteinander verbinden, um die Welt, in die sie eingetaucht sind, zu entwickeln.

Virtual Anatomy – Preview of the JKU MedSPACE
Interactive multisensory environment, 2020

Die Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU) errichtet derzeit im neuen Gebäude der Medizinischen Fakultät der JKU einen modernen, zukunftsorientierten Mehrzweck-Lernraum. Der Raum, der 2021 eröffnet werden soll, wird nicht nur als virtueller Hörsaal für Anatomiekurse genutzt, sondern auch für Live-Übertragungen aus Operationssälen zur Verbesserung der studentischen und postgradualen Ausbildung. Der JKU medSPACE wird dem Deep Space 8K des Ars Electronica Center nachempfunden sein.

If once we ever were by Jaime Carrejo (USA)
Black Cube Nomadic Museum (USA)

Black Cube Nomadic Museums’ executive director and chief curator Cortney Lane Stell presents If once we ever were, a virtual recreation of a public sculpture and temporary monument by artist Jaime Carrejo that recognizes immigrants and their contributions to our communities. The monument is a triumphal arch composed of chain-link fencing that originally appeared in Denver, Colorado and acts as a metaphor for boundaries—the delineation of private and public space, the division of geographical borders, and the separation of rights.

Augmented Idolatry (AI) - inaugural project of the Desert Valley Art Ranch (VAR), San Luis Valley, Colorado

Augmented Idolatry (AI) is a collective AR artwork composed of seven distinct AR idols, designed in direct response to the landscape, history and spirituality of the San Luis Valley, home to the artist residency “Desert Valley Art Ranch.” An actual mud plinth built on-site is shared among the seven AR idols and connects them to the land. The AR idols refer to memento mori, indigenous histories, natural resources and sacred geometries.

FOR FOREST - The Unending Attraction of Nature in DEEP SPACE 8K
Gernot Paulus (AT), Klaus Littmann (CH), Philipp Zebedin (AT), Günter Koren (AT), Roland Haring (AT), Roland Aigner (AT), Ulf Scherling (AT), Karl-Heinrich Anders (DE)

FOR FOREST von Klaus Littmann war eine temporäre Kunstintervention eines realen Waldes mitten im Fußballstadion in Klagenfurt, die weltweit Beachtung fand. Damit entstand nicht nur die größte ihrer Art im öffentlichen Raum in Österreich, sondern auch ein einzigartiges wissenschaftliches Labor im Kontext von Forstwirtschaft, Vermessung und digitaler Transformation. Das "Making of" dieser aus künstlerischer und wissenschaftlicher Sicht einzigartigen Zusammenarbeit wird im Rahmen des Ars Electronica Festivals 2020 erstmals im Deep Space 8K präsentiert.

Extending Reality: Introducing the Past, Present and Future of Immersive Media
Adam Paigge (UK)

Join STEAMhouse Extended Reality Technician Adam Paigge in his talk about XR, how this can support STEAM collaboration and the ways in which STEAMhouse is leading such approaches in the West Midlands.

‘site inspection’ – Virtual cocktail party & FM4 Radio Show in VR
sound:frame / Eva Fischer (AT), Marijn Bril (NL), Angie Pohl (AT)

For this year’s Ars Electronica, sound:frame and Pausanio invite the audience to join an exclusive virtual cocktail party in the Area for Virtual Art’s mozilla hub space. Together we will teleport from one artist’s space to another and have a virtual toast.

'site inspection' - Virtual exhibition tour
sound:frame / Eva Fischer (AT), Marijn Bril (NL), Angie Pohl (AT)

The sound:frame curators Eva Fischer and Marijn Bril will guide through the Area for Virtual Art and talk with the exhibiting artists and some of the Area’s team members, about their approaches to virtuality and digitality.

sound:frame & Pausanio virtual – Area for Virtual Art
sound:frame / Eva Fischer (AT), Marijn Bril (NL), Angie Pohl (AT)

sound:frame together with Pausanio presents the Area for Virtual Art – an online platform for digital art and virtual formats. Discover current artistic approaches in virtual exhibitions and meet people in discussion programs and live events to exchange thoughts and create new ideas and concepts. The Area for Virtual Art develops into an international hub, giving a platform to current digital art forms and connecting people all over the world.

Multi-eyed creature navigating and traversing the grove
PhAMA/ FAMM department at Vilnius Academy of Arts (LT)

AE Garden Vilnius Mozilla Hub hosts directed multiangle and XR Live Experience of the Garden where around 10 live events and usual grove life are happening in numerous spaces inside and outside and dozen cameras are directed by humans, animals and plants. You can navigate through busy culture events or find your calm spot to enjoy the life of nature.

CINETic Residencies
Kıvanç Tatar (CA/TR), João Tragtenberg (BR), Saint Machine (RO), Leonard Nicola Hein & Claudia Schmitz (US/DE)

Due to COVID travel restrictions, the program for residencies that was supposed to take place at CINETic, has moved to an online collaborative program. Four artists around the world collaborated with CINETic researchers and artists. The talk with the online residents will focus on the experience of developing work for online interactions in a long-distance collaborative process.

Distant Art
National University for Theatre and Film IL Caragiale Bucharest (RO)

Distant Art is an open-air exhibition of interactive installations and online works developed by digital artists and students during and after the lockdown experience. Art practice struggled to find its own path in the times of limited direct contact. Telematic presence became a must for most forms of expression, creating A Distant Art.

Postmasters presents Nicola Verlato, Donato Piccolo and Kristin Lucas
Paulina Bebecka - Postmasters Gallery, PostmastersROMA, Rome (IT)

​In the current uncertain climate of physical disconnection, hyper digital connection and distortion of life as we know it, I wanted to express that humanity is still at the very core of our increasingly technological experience on earth. The chosen artists bring about an examination of reality and the need to cherish our humanity through various digital media, such as artificial intelligence, 3D scanning, 3D gaming software, generative 360 WebXR animation, drones, and techno.

Lecture on Performance and Interaction
Ruairi Glynn

Dr Ruairi Glynn, Director of the Interactive Architecture Lab, will give a talk on notions of Antidisciplinarity in Design for Performance and Interaction and emerging new types of practice.

Bartlett artists’ videos
The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)

A 1-hour collection of student project films from the Bartlett School of Architecture’s Interactive Architecture Lab, Automated Architecture Ltd/Automated Architecture Labs, BioID, Unit 24, Unit 9, Unit 14, RC14.

Transformation & Transmission – panel discussion, presentations

A live-streamed presentation of a new selection of works from the exhibition, with live Q&A and panel discussion with the artists. These works range from films, to AR experiences, to hybrid objects, each united by the themes of anxiety, uncertainty, and distance that run through these works. During the festival, we will conduct streamed online tours of the works, show examples, and interview the authors in a live stream hosted every day (times TBC).