Ars Electronica Garden Berkeley

Machine Creativity at CNMAT

The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), University of California, Berkeley (US)

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CNMAT is dedicated to multidisciplinary research and the creative use of sound, linking the concert hall to the laboratory. Our center creates new works of music/art as well as researches, builds and distributes software tools at the intersection of AI and music.

Machine Creativity at CNMAT

Hybrid-Performance, Machine Listening, Computer-Assisted Music Orchestration, and Audio-Driven VR Environments

The projects presented in this garden focus on machine listening for hybrid-performance (analysis, extraction and application of parametric data from live sound), music information retrieval for creation (analysis, extraction, and application of data from audio files), as well as concepts related to composable algorithms that empower machines with varying degrees of autonomy for creative decision making.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Edmund Campion, Composer and Director, CNMAT
Carmine Cella, Lead Researcher, CNMAT
Jeffrey Lubow, Music Systems Designer, CNMAT
Jeremy Wagner, Researcher, CNMAT
Claudia Hart, Media Artist and CNMAT collaborator
John MacCallum, composer and CNMAT alumnus
Andrew Blanton, Media Artist, Percussionist, Ph.D. candidate
Jon Kulpa, Composer, Sound and Media Artist, Ph.D. UC Berkeley 2020

The AIxMusic Festival, a S+T+ARTS flagship event, is organised by Ars Electronica and the European Commission.

European Commission
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT)