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#MemóriasCOVID19 Brazil

University of Campinas (UNICAMP) (BR)

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#MemóriasCOVID-19 is an online platform which is freely accessible and will be configured as a space where individuals can share written reports, photographs, drawings, letters, audio, songs and videos about their personal experiences during the pandemic. It is an autobiography of the COVID-19 experience, extrapolating data and numbers, bringing together individual emotions and perceptions. It is coordinated by researcher Ana Carolina de Moura Delfim Maciel along with a committee of curators from nine Brazilian institutions, in addition to France and Portugal. The platform will be completed in early August and can now be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

#MemóriasCOVID19 Brazil

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our life, both individually and globally. Although the modern world has gone through other major epidemics, this one takes on an unprecedented appearance. We can already perceive its dimension as trauma, something that will resize human relationships, our interaction in public spaces, and our perspective on time. #MemóriasCovid19 is a platform created to allow different journeys to intersect from the point of view of identity. They will transmit their narratives through traits and images, uniting elements experienced by human groups from different social spectra. The current moment is significant for establishing new projects, foreseeing new horizons, and establishing strategies to better face the uncertain future. While in this horizon of waiting, we can gather narratives as a way to collect and preserve fragments of experiences and perceptions. This is a space where you can share written stories, photographs, drawings, letters, audio, songs, and videos about your personal experiences during the pandemic. The collected material will be submitted to the Curatorial Committee; those selected will be notified and published on the platform *#MemóriasCOVID19*. It is up to the applicant to authorize, or not, the disclosure of her/his identity.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Coordination: Ana Carolina de Moura Delfim Maciel (UNICAMP)
Curatorial Committee: Ana Magalhães (USP), Andrea Casa Nova Maia (UFRJ), Benito Bisso Schmidt (UFRGS), Cecilia Helena Lorenzini de Salles Oliveira (USP), Charles Monteiro (PUCRS), Daniel Munduruku (INSTITUTO UK’A), Diego Kern Lopes (UERJ), Elena Brugioni (UNICAMP), Kátia Couto (UFAM), Heloisa Buarque de Almeida (USP), Keila Knobel, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz (USP), Mônica Raisa Schpun (EHESS), Pedro Guimarães (UNICAMP), Raquel Rato (FCSH NOVA), Zélia Amador de Deus (UFPA)

University of Campinas (UNICAMP)